This urban secondary school helps students get into their dream university

Jul 9 2016, 3:33 am

You’ve already picked out your dream university and you’re feeling super excited – but with that comes a little fear.

This feeling’s normal given the pressure of gaining acceptance to your favourite school. Applications increase which causes fierce, unforgiving competition, and that means it’s more difficult to get that program spot you’re yearning for.

Westside Miniversity makes it easier for secondary students to cope with this competition by smoothing out any transitions to your new lifestyle when the first semester at your dream university hits.

Located in downtown Vancouver, the city becomes the school’s campus: the central library, university libraries, museums, and more provide authentic education opportunities.

Westside Miniversity is an independent, non-profit school launched in 2015 for the purpose of helping senior students gain acceptance to university. It offers a distinctive global curriculum, delivered with a progressive approach as part of an open learning concept.

According to research, Westside Miniversity is on the right track as a school with small class sizes. It offers students and teachers the ability to create supportive, long-term relationships that leads to improved conditions for teaching and learning. The result is a better educational outlook for its students.

School days run from 8.30 am to 5 pm and the school year is arranged in six academic blocks of twenty days duration each. In each block, a student studies one course only and the teacher teaches one course only. Structures of all classes vary and the teacher is always available. The curriculum gives students the responsibility for their learning and resilience to overcome setbacks, increasing their outlook for making it to graduation.

For more information check out Westside School Miniversity online, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Custom Content CORRECT

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