5 weird and awesome gifts for your unusual friends

Dec 9 2016, 2:15 am

We all know that one person who’s just, well, not exactly normal.

Maybe they have taxidermy deer heads on their apartment wall, or maybe they drink coffee out of a Day of the Dead mug. Maybe they have a skull on their desk because they’re just a little too fond of Hamlet or they’ve decided tinker toys were too mainstream for their kids and bought periodic table of the elements blocks instead.

Whatever the case, they’re a little zany. And although there isn’t anything wrong with that, it can make them a little hard to buy for.

That’s where we come in. We’ve collected five unique holiday gifts for the unusual people on your list – and we know exactly where to get them.

Insect lollipops


Insect lollipops/Victoria Black

It’s nutritious and delicious, and tastes just like – candy? These insects lollipops are a great way to show you care about your friend’s tastebuds and protein intake. The candy exteriors hide a crunchy surprise of meal worms, ants, or a number of other insects.

An articulated cat skeleton


Cat skeleton/Victoria Black

It’s the ideal gift for cat lovers and anatomy majors. They can have a docile cat resting by the fireplace without going through any of the trouble to feed it or clean the litter box. Plus, you can spend hours looking at the intricacies of how the skeleton intersects to create this resting feline figure.

Voodoo dolls


Voodoo dolls/Victoria Black

Annoying boss? Frustrating coworker? Insane mother-in-law? Help your friend find some peace by giving them a way out of their problem. These voodoo dolls are adorable, and practical if you know how to use them to bring doom to the people they represent.

Smartphone microscope


Smartphone microscope/Victoria Black

This gift is ideal for budding scientists, whether they’re five or 25. This microscope clips onto their smartphone’s camera so they can see the world at a magnification they’ve never imagined. Examine rocks, butterfly wings, tepid water, grains of sand, and more . The excitement of microscopic exploration is right at their fingertips.

Leather-bound journal


Leather-bound journal/Victoria Black

Even normal people won’t be able to say no to this gift. A leather journal, with intricate detailing, a gorgeous stone set in the centre, and a leather wrap, is a perfect way to show someone you care about their thoughts. Because no matter what they write inside, it’s going to feel special.

All of these gifts are so different that it may seem impossible to get them all in one place. But you can.


Store/Victoria Black

This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven is a Vancouver curiosity shop specializing in oddities, curios, and antiques. They not only cater to the macabre with their articulated skeletons, taxidermy, and preserved specimens – although that is an important part of the store. They also have science-related gifts for kids, unusual home decor from local artists, and tons of other interesting finds.

You can find This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven on Main street in Vancouver, or you can check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven

Address: 3957 Main Street, Vancouver
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 778-379-9389

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