Bucket list: 10 things you need to to in Richmond this summer

May 12 2017, 9:17 pm

While Richmond may not have that many any mountains to hike, that doesn’t mean that the city is completely devoid of things to do.

In fact, some of the best outings Metro Vancouver has to offer can only be found in the city to the south, and Richmond is as deeply steeped in history as Vancouver itself.

Try out a few of these memorable activities to really appreciate what makes Richmond the city that it is today.

Watch the planes arrive

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Richmond is home to the Vancouver International Airport, making it the best place to park, listen to indie music, watch the jets fly overhead. Or at least if you want to become a cliché rom-com scene. But hey, there’s a reason clichés become clichés, after all.

  • Where: Vancouver International Airport, Richmond

Visit Steveston Village

One of the most historically rich areas of Richmond; Steveston is the centre of the salmon fishing industry, and is now a bustling tourist attraction with its unique boutiques, oceanside entertainment, and delicious restaurants.

  • Where: South-western Richmond

Explore the Richmond Night Market

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The Richmond Night Market is arguably the best-known event in the city, as people travel from all over to browse the vendors, taste the foods, and see the entertainment that makes the night market a truly memorable outing.

  • Where: 8351 River Rd, Richmond

Shop at the Golden Village District

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If you want to get an authentic taste of Richmond’s ethnic community, there’s no better place to go than the Golden Village District. With hundreds of shops spread out over four blocks, be sure to check out the aptly named Food Street where there are countless delicious options to choose from.

  • Where: Around Aberdeen Centre, Richmond

Learn the history of Richmond canneries

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Salmon fishing is an integral part of Richmond’s history, and visitors to Steveston can visit an exhibit that details the origins of the town’s most important trade. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery also offers films and guided tours depicting historical events.

  • Where: 12138 Fourth Avenue, Richmond

Take a flight in a floatplane

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Forget the ferry. Catch a ride to Nanaimo in a tiny floatplane that will truly make you feel like you’re really flying. Get a birds-eye view of Vancouver as you go, and don’t forget to take that perfect picture.

  • Where: Vancouver International Airport, Richmond

Taste some Korean ice cream

There are quite a few places to get Korean ice cream in Richmond, but one of the best is at the Sulmida Dessert Cafe. Sulmida serves up delicious tasting and aesthetically pleasing ice cream bowls, with a seemingly endless amount of flavours.

  • Where: Sulmida Dessert Cafe, 140-8211 Ackroyd Road, Richmond

Light up your life at the Illumination Summer Night Market

No, this is not the same as the Richmond Night Market. Yes, you should still go to both! The Illumination Summer Night Market is Canada’s largest light show combined with a culturally diverse night market. This is not something you want to miss—and you don’t have any excuse to, as it is running all summer!

  • Where: Beside IKEA – 12631 Vulcan Way, Richmond

Feel like an Olympian

Now is your chance to live out those 2010 dreams. The Richmond Olympic Experience offers a taste of what golden glory is like with their olympic simulator at the Richmond Olympic Oval. Visitors can soar off of an olympic ski jump, race down a kayak course, zoom down a bobsleigh track, and more.

  • Where: Richmond Olympic Oval, 6111 River Rd, Richmond

Play some indoor beach volleyball

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Obviously not every day this summer is going to be filled with sunshine and blue skies, but if you’re in Richmond (or even South Vancouver) you’ve got a sunny beach at your disposal all year round. 6 Pack Indoor Beach has an entire warehouse full of sand, beach volleyball, and archery tag for anyone looking to escape the rain—or the crowded beach courts.

  • Where: #115-13180 Mitchell Rd. Richmond
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