How you can help your kid get into the university of their dreams

Aug 2 2017, 9:56 pm

It’s a competitive world out there.

With thousands vying for the same courses at the city’s top universities, things can be tough for students.

Now imagine being able to give your kid a head start in the right direction before they even finish high school.

Luckily, you can at downtown Vancouver’s Westside Mininversity.

Lounge/The Westside Miniversity

This private education program is part of the city’s highly-ranked Westside School and it offers a contemporary learning environment teens in grades 10 to 12.

Unlike other schools, every student enrolled here has a tutor who monitors their progress, offers advice, and liaises with colleagues where necessary. Small class sizes also allow for better learning and teaching conditions.

But what makes this program stand out is that it mirrors a university learning centre. Here students are responsible for their studies which gives them an idea of what they can expect down the line.

And so does the Westside Miniversity curriculum.

It helps prepare students by familiarising them with academic reading, writing, and time management for assignment due dates.

Interior art/The Westside Miniversity

Students aged between 15 and 18 years get to choose the number of courses they take. They can study subjects for their grades and AP level, plus studies accredited by reputable bodies like Trinity College of Music, Microsoft, and Cambridge International Examinations.

Miniversity’s school year is set in blocks of 20 days each. During each block students study only one course, which allows them to prepare without pressure from other requirements.

Teens use the time between each block for reading, revision, and participating in a symposium which happens quarterly. They have the opportunity to choose topics that are of interest to them and present them in front of a crowd.

Lounge/The Westside Miniversity

New scholarships are now being offered for The Westside Miniversity. It’s high school reimagined, and chances are your kid will love learning there.

For more information, visit The Westside Schools online. To get the latest updates check out The Westside School on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.