The Real Map of Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 4:48 pm

Remember the hilarious “real maps of Vancouver” that surfaced a couple years ago? There is now a new map that depicts Vancouver as more than just totem poles and shiny glass condo towers. This is indeed correct and this map outlines it bluntly.

Real Vancouver Map

The reality is that Vancouver, like most cities, is ever evolving. As the city continues to become more expensive, a new trend has emerged: reverse “white flight.”

Like many North American cities over the last few decades of the 20th century, Vancouver saw much of its middle class white population flee to the suburbs. White flight is responsible for the ethnic diversity witnessed in East Vancouver.

Now that the suburban dream has been more or less revealed as a fraud, urban centres like Vancouver are reaping the benefits by attracting the bright, affluent and creative types from all over the metro region and abroad. A reverse white flight, if you will.

It is already seen in Chinatown and now Little Manila a.k.a. Pinoytown, Little Saigon, Little India and the southern portion of Fraser Street are seeing a similar trend.

All this has made for an interesting time in our city and it is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

According to the folks at Urbane, the creative geniuses behind the map:

Somehow students and naked hippies lead to Rolls-Royces, then to one of the most enormous and influential immigrant populations…anywhere. Pinoy Town, Little Saigon, China Meets Punjabi Market…you name it. Vancouver’s most renowned restaurants are…a small sushi bar and an Indian restaurant, both south of downtown.

Indeed, Vancouver loves its hockey, gardens, and mountains. The city has no shortage of flashy and not-flashy nightlife. Vancouver is in theory “Rain City,” though it actually receives less rain per year than New York.

What this map best shows per our team’s research and discussions with locals is what I’d find to be a fitting thesis on Vancouver 2013: Diverse Ethnicities Living on Royally-Named Streets

Source: Map Urbane

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