The Pint is offering FREE chicken wings for an entire year, but you need to act NOW

Jan 17 2018, 10:56 pm


Except for, you know, reading this article.

They did it last year with perogies, and they’re back at it again.

The Pint is offering free chicken wings for a year (in case that wasn’t clear enough from the headline), and to get in on this you need to get over to The Pint ASAP to grab yourself a free wings card, because supplies are limited.

Free wings at The Pint/Facebook

These valuable, amazing, miraculous cards will entitle you to a free wings FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR.

They’re giving these cards away on January 17 – which, in case you missed it, is today, right now, this Wednesday, the present.

So seriously, what are you still doing here? Those supplies might not most definitely will not last. Go!

The Pint

Address: 455 Abbott Street, Vancouver

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