The most argued subject in the NBA: Kobe Vs LeBron

Dec 19 2017, 5:28 am

Kobe and LeBron forever now it seems like have always been argued in the conversation of “whose more clutch?” or “who’s the best player in the NBA?” In this blog I will breakdown in my opinion who is more better overall.

“Mr. Closer”, “Assassin”, “Cold-blooded killer”. All names have been nicknames of Kobe Bryant’s in the past few seasons.  Kobe has been considered widely as “NBA’s preeminent king of clutch” time and time again, we have witnessed Bryant’s heroics at the end of games numerous times over the past few seasons.  The Lakers star according to had a league leading 6 game winners in the final 10 seconds of games in 2009-2010 season.

Bryant is obviously the player out of him and LeBron you want to give the ball to with 3 seconds left for the game winning basket, but are stat’s saying that?

Numbers suggest that LeBron James has performed better in recent years then Bryant.  To be clear, no two people will have identical opinions of when a basketball game enters the game on the line territory. But if we stick to the general criteria of clutch, despite Bryant’s six game winners last in the 2009-2010 season, James bested him in just about every other statistical category down the stretch in clutch situations.

Many people think LeBron is playing horrible basketball right now, and yes, I could agree with that, he is absolutely horrible in clutch situations this season, most recently he passes the ball in the dying seconds into full coverage to tie the game in the all-star game (yes I know the all-star game means NOTHING, but its bragging rights, and I know for a fact LeBron hates losing, so why would he pass?).

Kobe this season has been fighting injuries up and down his body, most recently to his nose from a hard foul during the all-star game from Dwyane Wade which broke his nose. Kobe though has still put up 29 ppg with fighting injuries all season from his wrist to his nose, and his concussion suffered from the hard foul.  LeBron on the other hand has put up 27.8 ppg throughout the season and he’s been perfectly healthy and also playing alongside star players D-Wade and Chris Bosh.  There is honestly no excuse for the self-proclaimed “king” from south beach, if he wants to be considered the best player in NBA, time to perform in the clutch situations, time to work hard Mr. James

LeBron James is the greatest talent on Earth right now and Kobe Bryant is the greatest skilled player on Earth. Difference? Kobe works HARD and LeBron works.  Kobe is playing absolutely sensational at 33 with nagging injuries. LeBron is playing phenomenal at 27 and completely healthy.  LeBron is more considered the best player in terms of pure talent, and raw physical abilities, not saying Kobe can’t do some of the LeBron has done, Kobe just keeps it to the basics and still gets the job done.  Kobe is better in terms of IQ, skill, and fundamentals.


So when it comes down to the most clutch player in the NBA today and possibly considered the best also, I would give it to Kobe.  Kobe has proved in recent years that he can make that last second shot to win you a championship. But when LeBron has the ball in the final seconds to win you a game, most people would be crossing their fingers or cringing at the fact he’s got the ball, because you honestly don’t know what he’s going to do. Another reason why Kobe is considered better then LeBron, how many rings does LeBron have? That’s what I thought Kobe haters.


That’s all for now folks! You know the drill; follow me on twitter @kevincawthra. I should have another blog up Thursday-ish about the NCAA March Madness. Next week I will be out in Langley covering the High School senior boys’ basketball championships at the Events Centre! Oh and one more thing…


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