The First Ever OMG Social Media Conference: Event Recap

Dec 19 2017, 4:11 pm

The Oh My God Social Media Conference? That’s what we thought at first but stop right there: before you go any further, the “OMG” in OMG Social Media Conference stands for “Online Media Generation.”

Over one hundred small business owners and savvy social media users gathered at Simon Fraser University’s Segal Graduate School of Business in downtown Vancouver for the first ever OMG Social Media Conference on Thursday, August 15, 2013. Everything about social media was answered and covered, from “what is a hashtag” to the very intricate details of SEO.

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

The conference comes at a pivotal time when social media is now becoming mainstream, and even the name of the event is an acronym that plays as a hat tip to those who were fortunate enough to grow up during the “social media revolution.”

More importantly, the conference not only acknowledged the significance of social media but also highlighted its use as a pivotal marketing platform for small businesses. Social media can fundamentally change how a business works, but not everyone is convinced with the potential of social media.

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

The small business owners and operators that were present at the conference were keen to stay ahead of the curve and learn how they can build a social media strategy for their company. OMG Social Media covered both the basics to the complex technical material through a series if speaker sessions, keynotes, and group discussions.

Some of Vancouver’s very top and most experienced social media influencers were present to provide attendees with insights on the how-to’s and best practices of social media. The keynote lineup included TELUS’ Andrea Goertz, ROI Media Works’ Krishna Lakkineni and George Moen, the former President of BLENZ Coffee. Speaker sessions were delivered by ING Direct’s Meena Sandhu, digital growth strategist Bosco Anthony, and Junction Creative’s Conner Galway.

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

Social media experts from some of Vancouver’s biggest companies like Hootsuite and the Vancouver Canucks were also present and mingled with attendees one-on-one to provide them with personalized advice on public relations, advertising, SEO, content strategy, and how to handle negative feedback.

This was a no-nonsense event that went straight into the tools and knowledge you would need to produce tangible results. If you missed year’s event, OMG Social Media Conference will be returning for its second annual event in 2014!

Vancity Buzz was a proud sponsor of the first annual OMG Social Media Conference.


5 things we learned from former BLENZ Coffee President George Moen:

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

1. Social media is the perfect low-cost distribution channel. Sell your product and message first, then build relationships.

2. LinkedIn is absolutely vital for business.

3. If you want to be better at business, hang out with people who are smarter than you!

4. Klout is an important metric for measuring your expertise with social media.

5. Get hands on and just do it!


5 things we learned from Junction Creative’s Conner Galway:

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

1. You don’t make money on social media, you make it where you always have.

2. Your customers are always more valuable in the future than they are today.

3. A new follower may be more valuable than a new customer.

4. People who Like you are more likely to like you.

5. A single mistake on social media could take your brand many steps back. 2 breathtaking examples:

OMG Social Media

OMG Social Media


5 things we learned from Business Growth Strategist Bosco Anthony:

OMG Social Media Conference 2013

1. Ensure you have a strong and meaningful call to action.

2. Focus on context marketing, not content marketing. Context drives reaction and conversation. The 4 elements of context marketing are: demand, rules, format and approach.

3. Context through optimized content wins. Although underrated and rarely used (for now), Google Authorship is powerful way to acknowledge and rank your content on the search engine if you have a Google+ profile.

4. Optimize your videos on YouTube. It’s only the 2nd most popular search engine.

5. Build engagement by getting personal. Influence prompts engagement which in turn prompts reactions. It’s not how many followers you have but how much interaction you get from your followers.


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