3-day Vancouver photography event hosts amazing speakers

Sep 10 2016, 2:49 am

An upcoming seminar aims to help local photographers refine their skills by showing them how to think creatively in an unconventional manner.

The Experience // ARC is a three-day event that isn’t designed to be a one-off educational event for photographers. Let’s face it, that’s boring. Instead, the occasion is meant to be an ignition and ground zero to the ripple effect of change, dynamism, and purpose that Vancouver’s photography industry needs.

Speaker David Guenther sums it all up: “Arc is not just wedding photographers teaching other wedding photographers. These days you need to be well rounded and approach your work as an artist, a creative, and a thinker.”

Hailing from around the world, from as far as Australia and the UK, here’s a sneak peek at the creative experts who will be taking the stage at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver from October 18 to 20. From cutting-edge photographic techniques to exploring the art of storytelling, this line-up of speakers is sure to inspire.

Each speaker will also be holding a full or half-day Master Class on Monday, October 17. Only accessible to those with tickets, attendees will get exclusive training, learn “insider” techniques, and have their most pressing questions answered. For those ready to dive even deeper into their discipline and value private, intimate learning environments, this bonus day will be right up their alley.

Keynote presenters

Dan Cristea – Street Photography


Image: Dan Cristea

Explore, aspire, and create on a daily basis. Learn the process behind image making and the benefits of street photography in creating momentum and expression in your images. Spark your inner creativity and learn to communicate with your creative output. This presentation by Dan Cristea is great for beginners or professionals.

David Guenther – Contemporary Commercial Photography


Image: David Guenther

Learn to carry your artistic voice through different mediums and genres of photography. You’ll learn about the shift from wedding and portrait work into the commercial world. Learn about the journey through this process and what worked well for David Guenther. Topics covered will include curating a portfolio, networking with potential clients, and translating your photographic style into the commercial world.

Ryan Muirhead – Emotional Portraiture


Image: Ryan Muirhead

With Ryan Muirhead you’ll learn how to evoke an emotional response with images. Learn how to understand and face how you feel about yourself in the world to create something that’s immediately felt and digested. Learn the skills necessary to occupy the emotional space you want your work to have – all that’s left is point and shoot.

Jon Duenas – The Ups and Downs of Fashion Photography


Image: Jon Duenas

Fashion isn’t easy. Learn about the ups and downs of working as a fashion photographer, transitioning from the wedding industry, and some of the biggest obstacles you’ll face. The talk will also discuss how you can find your own path towards a successful and creatively fulfilling career as a photographer in any industry.

Kelly Tunney – Confidence, Trust, and Kickass Wedding Photography


Image: Kelly Tunney

How many times have you not had the confidence to ask your clients to get on board with your wackiness? Finding what will work for you is important – maybe it’s not through awards, but it’s other forms of experimentation or reinventing yourself and your brand. Get fresh ideas and motivation.

The Manchiks – A Strong Brand Works For You


Image: The Manchiks

Humans are attracted to the people and stories behind brands. You are your brand and your brand is you. You can take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be by setting aside time to define your personal brand. Spend less energy on getting new clients and focus on your craft.

Nessa Kessinger – Mindful Business Practices

Our lives as artists tend to blur in with how we work. This talk will be about intention – being mindful in business, art, and life.

Ross Harvey – Mind Mechanics


Image: Ross Harvey

To achieve your dreams you must master one thing first: your mind. Your mind is the key that grants (or denies) you access to your innate creativity. Understand the nature of thought and creativity – and learning how to optimise yourself for it – to supercharge not only your business, but your entire life.

Gabe McClintock – The Importance of Change


Image: Gabe McClintock

The road to where you want to be isn’t always a pretty one. Learn to look inwards to push yourself forward and stay inspired.

The Shark Pig,  Brian Morrow – Refine Your Vision?

You might be surprised to find out you have all the answers. They may be hidden away in your own minds and hearts, but they’re in there. Learn fundamentals and creativity principles. Both business and art can be changed, refined, augmented, accelerated, solidified, or re-imagined through the power of your own creativity.

The Experience // ARC 2016

When: October 18, 19, and 20

Where: Fortune Sound Club – 147 E Pender Street, Vancouver

Price: 3-day tickets are $1,050 – click here to buy online. After-party passes are available too.

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