The Best Supercar Configurators.

Dec 19 2017, 5:50 am

It’s a bit grim and rainy today which means I’m stuck inside dividing up my time between used car ads and online supercar configurators. To some of you this may seem a bit obscure, but to the car enthusiasts out there, there’s nothing as enjoyable as temporarily wandering off into fantasy land and speccing out an awesome ride.

Absolutely unparalleled in their graphic presentation and layout of their “build your own” section is Ferrari. Favorites here are a white on Bianco Avus 458 Italia and a Verde Zeltweg Ferrari 599 GTO. Divertiti! [Ferrari Configurator]


Porsche is the reigning champion at offering the greatest number of customizations for the largest number of models. Make sure to hit 3D, and to head straight past the Cayenne SUVs and onto the timeless 911s. Bonus: everything gets priced out! [Porsche Website]


Combine all the money the Volkswagen group loses for every Veyron sold with their microscopic target market, and you just wouldn’t expect an elaborate configurator. But they have one, and it’s amazing. Check it out. [Bugatti Configurator]


While there are tons of ‘build your own’ places out there, the last one I’ll touch on is Maserati. Their Quattroportes and GranTurismos are badass and now you can configure your very own. I’ll take one of each, in blue with red brake calipers. [Maserati Configurator]


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