In search of the 10 best ice cream spots in Vancouver

Perfect summer days in Vancouver get more perfect when we treat ourselves to some ice cream. As it’s coming time to trade our umbrellas in for beach towels, this summer series will explore the ice cream that’s new, different and well-loved in Vancity.

We may not be spoiled by year-round sunshine, but we’ve got it made in the shade when it comes to ice cream selection. It’s the sweet mix of our mild temperatures, entrepreneurial spirit and affection for desserts that has innovative ice cream products churning out from Commercial Drive to Coal Harbour. We’ve definitely got time for that, unless our cone’s melting.

So grab a napkin, find a bench, adjust your aviators and kick back as we tour through the 10 best ice cream spots in Vancouver. Don’t bother saving room for dinner.

Stay tuned as the 10 best roll out through the spring and summer! Which places do you bet will be in the series?


Feature Image: Lucy Page