#ThankYouJake goes viral after man saves woman from SkyTrain attack

Dec 12 2017, 9:14 pm

Expressions of thanks for the man who stepped in and saved a woman from an alleged attack on the Canada Line are pouring in on social media, with many using the hashtag #ThankYouJake to express their gratitude.

The posts of appreciation come after a woman, Noor Fadel, wrote on Facebook about the December 4 incident.

“This man got up and started to swear at me calling me a whore and a slut telling me he will kill me and all Muslims in a mix of Arabic and some other language I wasn’t understanding,” she writes.

The man also allegedly struck Fadel across the face while others on the train “watched as he did so.”

No one stepped in to stop the attack, she writes. No one that is, except for a young man named Jake Taylor, who stayed with her until she was off the train and safe.

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Now, in light of the incident, the #ThankYouJake hashtag was started by Muhammad Lila, who, according to his Twitter profile, does work for CNN, ABC, and CBC.

“When 18-year old Noor Fadel was assaulted on a Vancouver subway by a man who said he wanted to “kill all Muslims,” everyone on board just sat and watched. Except for one guy,” he writes. “His name is Jake Taylor. #ThankYouJake”

The post quickly picked up steam and has since gone viral with numerous people retweeting Lila and adding their own expressions of gratitude as well.

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