BC is home to an emerald green swimming hole that's simply mesmerizing

Jun 11 2018, 10:48 pm

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that Heisholt Lake is now private property. We apologize for promoting it as a destination and, while we still encourage people to visit beautiful Texada Island, we recommend staying away from ‘Quarry Lake’.

It’s amazing what you can stumble upon (or in this case, into) when you really start to uncover more of beautiful British Columbia.

With approximately 20,000 lakes stretching over 750,000 kilometres, there are entire worlds to discover behind curtains of lush green trees.

Another example of such is this mesmerizing limestone quarry-turned-lake.

This emerald green body of water is known as Quarry Lake, or Heisholt lake, and is located on Texada Island, the largest island in the Strait of Georgia.

Quarry Lake is surrounded by tall green trees and commanding pillars of rock. According to locals, the area used to be a mining zone (hence the name Quarry Lake). The minerals from the former limestone quarry are what give the lake its incredible emerald colour.

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