Ten minutes to showtime with EDM DJs Super8 & Tab

Dec 19 2017, 4:59 pm

Over the past few years, Vancouver has been a major tour stop for many of the world’s biggest EDM DJs thanks to Blueprint Events,and this past weekend was no exception. Returning for the second time this year, Scandanavian trance DJ duo Super8 & Tab lit up the stage and enthralled their fans at Celebrities on Friday night.
Miika Eloranta (Super8) and Janne Mansnerus (DJ Tab) are currently on their Phase Two of The Way You Want North American tour, playing Calgary and Vancouver as their only Canadian stops.
“It’s our third time here. The club [Celebrities] is great, the sound system is great, and the crowd is great. It’s a blast to come here,” said Eloranta during an interview with VancityBuzz.

No strangers to touring, Super8 & Tab have played some of the world’s biggest music festivals including Tomorrowland in Belgium, Electronic Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and Global Gathering. And since they first toured North America, the EDM (electronic dance music) scene has evolved into what it is today. “When we started touring North America in 2008, we played different sets than in Europe and Asia. But after EDM exploded in North America, it kind of radiates all over. Now, we are basically playing the same sets all over the world,” Eloranta said.

The Finnish producers both agree that there was a shift in EDM, one that started in North American.

“The U.S sort of started it again, but it’s a world wide thing at the moment, EDM is everywhere. All radio stations are playing more and more dance music these days,” said Mansnerus.

Before becoming the dynamic duo they are today, Super8 and DJ Tab were solo recording artists on the same label, Anjunabeats. They worked in the same studio complex for almost three years. “One summer night, we thought ‘let’s go to the studio and make some music together’,” Mansnerus reminisced with a smile. “Ever since we’ve been sort of together. It just worked out. It’s so much fun to make the music and travel and experience this.”

Officially Super8 & Tab since 2005, the duo is now an integral part of the Anjunabeats label, releasing their highly acclaimed debut album Empire in 2010.

Working on a few new releases, Super8 & Tab previewed a couple of their new tracks to the eager Vancouver crowd, who danced and cheered throughout Friday night’s show. Their fans can rest assured, the new album is in its final stages of production and should be out in a month or two. And because of the ever-changing EDM scene, the duo is sometimes classified under different trance categories- something they don’t seem to mind. “Whether you call it trance, or progressive trance or whatever, we call it Super8 & Tab,” laughed Mansnerus.

When they aren’t on stage, Super8 & Tab produce a weekly podcast- available on their website.
A few minutes left before they hit the stage at Celebrities, Eloranta said, “Vancouver rocks.” And Mansnerus agreed.

“This city is beautiful. The crowd is unbelievable. It’s so good to be back. We have two minutes now, let’s rock it.”

And ‘rock it’ they did.

Photo: Celebrities

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