A running list of Vancouver's 280+ temporary restaurant and bar patios

Jul 24 2020, 7:27 pm

Vancouver’s much-loved bars and restaurants are officially back in action, and the city has allowed many establishments to build out temporary patios as a way to help businesses amid the state of the world.

We couldn’t be more excited about the ever-growing list of temporary patios in Vancouver — check it out and make sure you hit up all your favourites this summer.

Here is our running list of restaurants, bars, and pubs with approved temporary patios in Vancouver. It will be updated weekly for your patio-hopping pleasure.

33 Acres Brewing Company 15 W 8th Ave

33 Brewing Experiment 25 W 8th Ave

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters 2902 Main St

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters 2198 W 4th Ave

Alibi Room #100-157 Alexander St

Alphabet City 4242 Main St

Ancora Waterfront Dining 2-1600 Howe St

Ampersand 32 Water St

Anh and Chi Restaurant 3388 Main St

Annalena 1809 W 1st Ave

Aperture coffee bar 4124 Main St

Apollonia Restaurant 1830 Fir St

Argo Cafe 1836 Ontario St

Artistry Coffee Shop and Bakehouse 2959 W 4th Ave

Baker & Table Cafe 6414 Fraser St

Bambo Cafe 301 W Cordova St

Banana Leaf on Davie 1043 Davie St

Banana Leaf on Broadway 820 W Broadway

Bao Down Ov 115 W 2nd Ave

Bean Around The World 4456 W 10th Ave

Beaucoup Bakery and Cafe 2150 Fir St

Biercraft Cambie 3305 Cambie St

Birds & the Beets 55 Powell St

Blarney Stone 216 Carrall St

Blenz Coffee 3698 W 4th Ave

Blenz Coffee 1201 Robson

Bomber Brewery 1488 Adanac St

Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar 845 Burrard St

Breaking Bean Kafe 551 Cardero St

Bridges 1696 Duranleau St

Browns Crafthouse 202 E 16th Ave

Browns Socialhouse Kitsilano 2296 W 4th Ave

Brunch 1147 Granville St.

Buckets Ice Cream 3330 Main St

Burdock & Co 2702 Main St

Burgoo (Kitsilano) (x2) 2272 W 4th Ave

Burgoo (Mount Pleasant) (x2) 3096 Main St

Burgoo (Point Grey) 4434 W 10th Ave

Cactus Club Cafe 561-575 W Broadway

Cactus Club Cafe 1530 W Broadway St

Cafe Medina 780 Richards St

Cafe Zen on Yew 1631 Yew St

Callister Brewing Co 1338 Franklin St

Cambie Hotel 300 Cambie St

Cardero Cafe 1016 Cardero St

Castaway Bar and Kitchen 3293 W 4th Ave

Cazba Restaurant 1103 Davie St

Chaise Lounge Restaurant 4444 Main St

Charqui Tap & Grill 1955 Cornwall Ave

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar 2201 W 1st Ave

Chickpea 4298 Main St

Coco et Olive Fine Foods Inc 3707 Main St

Coho Coffee 1370 E Georgia St

Container Brewery 1216 Frankin St

Continental Coffee Main St 4295 Main St

Craft 85 W 1st Ave

Cravings Restaurant and Lounge 8808 Osler St

Dachi 2297 E Hastings

De Dutch Pannekoek House 410 W 2nd Ave

Devil’s Elbow Alehouse 562 Beatty St

Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian Restaurant 1392 Kingway

Dock Lunch 152 E 11th Ave

Donnellan’s Irish Pub 1082 Granville St

Dublin Down 900 Granville St

Earls Kitchen + Bar 1095 Mainland St

East Van Brewing 1675 Venables St

Eight 1/2 restaurant lounge 151 E 8th Ave

El Camino’s (x2) 3250 Main St

Electric Bicycle Brewing 20 E 4th Ave

Elwoods 3357 W Broadway

Enroute Cafe 2205 W 1st Ave

Fable 1944 W 4th Ave

Faculty Brewing Co. 1830 Ontario St

Falconetti’s Grill 1812 Commercial Dr

Field & Social 18 E 5th Ave

Fiore Famiglia 2603 W 16th Ave

Fish Cafe 2053 W 41st Ave

Foodhall by ZUBU 159 W 4th Ave

Gastown Greek holdings 221 Carrall St

Giancarlo’s Sports Bar 1865 Commercial Dr

Glitch Bar & Games Room 2287 W Broadway

Goodge Place/World Mosaic 1523 W 8th Ave

Grano Pizzeria 3240 Main St

Grapes & Soda 1541 W 6th Ave

Grub 4328 Main St

Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen 1141 Davie St, Unit 1

Handi Grill 3618 W Broadway

Hayan Mug 3702 Main St

Homer St Cafe and Bar 898 Homer St

Hon’s Wonton House 1661 E Broadway

Incognito Coffee 843 Seymour St

Innocent Ice Cream (x2) 4895 Main St

Joey Burrard 820 Burrard St

Junction Public House 1138 Davie St

Keefer Bar 135 Keefer St

Kind Cafe 3080 Main St

King’s Head Restaurant 1618 Yew St

Kokomo 2028 Vine St

Kozak Homemade Ukrainian Food 5077 Victoria Dr

Kwong Chow Congee & Noodle House 3163 Main St

L’Abattoir Restaurant 217 Carrall St

La Casita-Gastown 101 W Cordova St

La Notte Restaurant 3307 Dunbar St

Laduree 1141 Robson St

La Glace 2785 W 16th Ave

Little Bird Dim Sum 2958 W 4th Ave

Liquids+Solids 901 E Hastings St

Livia 1399 Commercial Dr

Local Gastown 3 Alexander St

Lotus Seed Vegan 736 W Broadway

Lucky Taco 1685 Yew St

Lucy’s Eastside Diner 2708 Main St

Luppolo Brewing Company 1123 Venables

Mahonye and Sons 1055 Canada Pl

Main Street Brewing Company 261 E 7th Ave

Maison Da Nang Vietnamese Restaurant 5195 Victoria Dr

Manna Sushi 6 E 2nd Ave

MeeT on Main 4288 Main St

Milano Gastown 36 Powell St

Milk & Honey Cafe Inc 7743 Champlain Cres

Minerva Restaurant & Pizza 2411 W 41st Ave

Mitra Canteen /Uncle Abe’s 3034 Main St

Moxie’s 1160 Davie St, Unit 110

My Forno Pizza 1630 W Broadway

Neverland Tea Salon Ltd 3066 W Broadway

Nightingale 1017 W Hastings St

Nikkyu Japanese Restaurant 3302 Main St

Nook 1525 Yew St

Nuba Kitsilano 3116 W Broadway

Nuba Mount Pleasant (Cafe Nuba) 146 E 3rd Ave

Numbers 1042 Davie St

O Sushi 742 Granville St

Odd Society Spirits 1725 Powell St

OEB Breakfast Co 1137 Marinaside Cr

Off the Rail Brewing 1351 Adanac St

Old Bird 3950 Main St

Papa’s Gourmet Pizza 3030 Main St

Papi’s Seafood and Oyster Bar 1193 Denman St

Park Drive 1815 Commercial Dr

Pepino’s Spaghetti House 631 Commercial Dr

Per Se Social Corner 891 Homer St

Pho Hong Restaurant 6348 Fraser St

Pink Elephant Thai Restaurant 1152 Alberni St

Pizza Carano 4241 Fraser St

Pizzeria Bufala 5395 W Blvd

Pourhouse Restaurant 162 Water St

Portland Craft 3835 Main St

Pourhouse Restaurant 162 Water St

Provence Marinaside 1177 Marinaside Cr

Pumpjack 1167 Davie St

Published Restaurant 3593 Main St

R&B Brewing/Ale and Pizza 54 E 4th Ave

Ragazzi Pizza 2996 E 22nd Ave

Red Racer 871 Beatty St

Red Truck Stop 6295 E 1st Ave

Regal Beagle Grill 2283 Broadway St

Restaurant at Urban Fare 177 Davie St

Resurrection Spirits Inc 1672 Franklin St

Rogue 601 W Cordova St

Rocky Mountain Flatbread 4186 Main St

Rocky Mountain Flatbread (Kits) 1876 W 1st Ave

Rogue 601 W Cordova St

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar 602 West Broadway

Romers 1873 W 4th Ave

Romer’s Burger Bar 8683 Kerr St

Salathai Thai Restaurant 102-888 Burrard St

Salty Tongue Cafe 212 Carrall St

Say Mercy 4298 Fraser St

Seiza Japanese Cuisine 3068 Main St

Simpatico 2222 W 4th Ave

Sing Sing Restaurant 2718 Main St

Sitar Restaurant 8 Powell St

Slickity Jim’s Chat and Chew 3475 Main St

Slow Hand Beer Company 1830 Powell St

SMAK – Healthy Fast Food 545 Granville St

Small Victory Bakery 1088 Homer St

Soho 1283 Hamilton St

Sopra Sotto Pizzeria 1510 Commercial Dr

St. Augustine’s 2360 Commercial Dr

Starbucks Coffee 580 Bute Street

Starbucks Coffee 3492 Cambie St

Starbucks Coffee 125 Davie St

Starbucks Coffee 4588 Fraser St

Starbucks Coffee 8002 Granville St

Starbucks Coffee 1095 W Pender St

Starbucks Coffee 398 Robson St

Starbucks Coffee 2193 W 41st Ave

Starbucks Coffee 3095 W Broadway

Steamworks 375 Water St

Strathcona Beer Company 895 E Hastings St

Street Kitchen 1950 Triumph St

SUSHIYAMA 371 E Broadway

Swiss Bakery 143 E 3rd Ave

Tabu 1489 E Hastings St

Tacofino 1909 W 4th Ave

Tacofino Gastown 15 W Cordova St

Tacofino Mount Pleasant Inc 8 E 5th Ave

Tap and Barrel 1055 Canada Place

TC Lions Pub 888 W Cordova St

Tea House 7501 Stanley Park Dr

Thai Away Home 1081 Granville St

The Acorn 3995 Main St

The American 926 Main St

The Basic 3048 Main St

The Brassneck Brewery 2148 Main St

The Cannibal Cafe 1818 Commercial Dr

The Cascade Room 2616 Main St

The Charlatan 1447 Commercial Dr

The Cheese Inn 4585 Dunbar St

The Cider House 1602 Yew St

The Ellis 2204 York Ave

The Federal Store 2601 Quebec St

The Five Point 3124 Main St

The Flying Pig Gastown 102 Water St

The Flying Pig Olympic Village 127 W 2nd Ave

The Fountainhead Pub 1025 Davie St

The Fringe Cafe 3124 W Broadway Ave

The GPO Bar + Kitchen 136 W Cordova St

The Greedy Pig 307 West Cordova St

The Irish Heather Gastro Pub 212 Carrall St

The Italians 1220 Bute St

The Listel Hotel (Forage Restaurant) 120 – 1300 Robson St

The Main 4210 Main St

The Meat Up 7994 Granville St

The Mexican 1049 Granville St

The Old Spaghetti Factory (Vancouver) 53 Water St

The Pawn Shop 1117 Granville St

The Pokeman 3742 W 10th Ave

The Portside Pub 7 Alexander St

The Reef Restaurant 4172 Main St

The Roost 1037 Denman Street

The Rumpus Room 2301 Main St

The Secret Garden Tea Company Inc 2138 W 40th Ave

The Stable House 1520 W 13th Ave

The Templeton 1087 Granville St

Timbertrain Coffee 311 W Cordova St

The Union Kitchen and Bar 219 Union St

The Wolf and Hound 3617 W Broadway

The Yale Saloon 1300 Granville St

Their There 2042 W 4th Ave

Tim Hortons 6501 Main St

Tocador 2610 Main St

TonTon Sushi 4018 Cambie St

TurF 2041 W 4th Ave, Unit 101

Ubuntu Canteen 4194 Fraser St

Ugly Dumpling 1590 Commercial Dr

Urban Fare 305 Bute St

Urban Fare 1688 Salt St

Urban Fare @ Shangri-la 1133 Alberni St

Urban Sushi 562 Granville St

Vancouver Performing Stars 3994 Fraser St

Vancouver Soup Company 292 E 1st Ave

Via Tevere Pizzeria Napoletana 1190 Victoria Dr

Wall Centre Vancouver Hotel 1088 Burrard St

Water St Cafe 300 Water St

Wallflower 2420 Main St

Whitespot #104 2518 W Broadway

Whitespot #125 1476 Kingsway

Whole Foods Market 510 W 8th Ave

WildTale/Ophelia 165 W 2nd Ave

Yagger’s Kits 2884 W Broadway

Yaletown Brewing Co 1111 Mainland St

Yama Cafe 2007 E Hastings St

YiFang Taiwan Fruit Tea 4020 Cambie St

Yum Sweet Shop 4150 Main St

Yuwa Japanese Cuisine 2775 W 16th Ave

Zocalo Modern Cantina 646 Kingsway

If you’re looking to go beyond temporary patios (even though we love temporary patios), check out our list of the best permanent outdoor dining options in Vancouver.

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