Telus Mobility For Good program offers youth a hand

Apr 3 2017, 10:52 pm

The Telus Mobility For Good program was introduced on Monday April 3, and will deliver phones and cell service to youth in BC who are transitioning out of foster care and into employment.

A $2 million joint fund from Telus and the province will allow for up to 1,000 transitioning youth to receive a Moto G smart phone (with up to 3 Gb of data). The phones will be registered in the youths’ names to build positive credit ratings.

The devices will keep these young Canadians connected to social workers, services, and resources that can assist them in finding job training and work opportunities.

The new program builds on the Telus Internet for Good program that launched last year, which offered inexpensive monthly internet to low-income, single parent families. Young Canadians transferring out of foster care will now be eligible for the $9.95/month internet connection as well.

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Those attending post-secondary will also have a chance at getting a new laptop from a $150,000 provincial funding agreement that will see Lenovo laptops in the hands of 369 students.

“Kids in our care often lack traditional family support,” said Minister for Children and Family Development Stephanie Cadieux, in a release.

“So making cell phones and laptops available to them free of charge and tailoring online resources specifically to their needs is one step we’re taking with community partners to help bridge that gap and give them the best chance of success as they move into adulthood.”

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