This is what the future of living could look like (PHOTOS)

Nov 28 2016, 5:18 pm

Curious what’s inside the house in the TELUS World of Science parking lot?

Coincidence or not, it’s the TELUS Future Home – an interactive concept condo where you can try hands-on demonstrations that offer a glimpse into how smart home technology will soon make our lives more efficient and enjoyable than ever before. Some of the technologies inside the home are available now, but many are still a few years out. Whenever they arrive, they’ll all be enabled by the speed and reliability provided by the blazing fast TELUS PureFibre network.

“You can actually visualize what the future is going to look like,” says TELUS’ senior regional market manager, Joti Dhesi. “It’s a sneak peek into how technology is going to make our homes smarter, safer, and transform how we live.”

Wondering what the home of tomorrow will look like?

Intelligent home access

Imagine never having to hunt for your house keys again. A biometric security system scans your face and automatically opens the door for you. Inside, there’s the Home Hub, a central computer system that organizes everything you need to know when you get home.

If you missed a package, the Home Hub will alert you so you can reschedule with the push of a button. If you want to let someone know you made it home safely, it can automatically send them a message. As you leave, it will give you an overview of your upcoming appointments, to-do list, and lock the door behind you.

A smart kitchen

Inside the kitchen, everything is intelligent. The refrigerator tells you what meals you can make and adds ingredients to your grocery list when you’re running low. A smart stove tells you how to prepare your meal as you cook it, and a nutritional scanner shows you the details of what you’re eating and can help you eat healthier.

Smart kitchen appliances are just coming on to the market and the Future Home shows the life-changing potential of the connected home. When your fridge does your grocery shopping for you, your stove helps you cook like a master chef, and an intelligent meal planner tracks your nutritional intake and helps you stick to a meal plan. You may never eat out again.

Connected health



The Future Home has a huge focus on wellness, showcasing a variety of different technologies to make exercising more interactive and fun, and to help you monitor your health more efficiently. A bike is attached to Kickr Power Trainer, which lets you connect to apps like Zwift, so you can race against other people around the world.

The home also features a Home Health Scanner, a conceptual device that enables you to send your doctor vital health information without leaving your home. In the future you’ll be able to send reports on your blood sugar, blood pressure, sodium levels, and heartbeat straight to your health provider. And with high-definition video conferencing you can connect with your doctor without visiting their office and sitting around in the waiting room.

Awe-inspiring entertainment

The intelligent access might keep your house safer and the wellness devices might keep you healthy, but entertainment is where the Future Home gets people really excited. It features a 78″ curved 4K Samsung television that brings a movie theatre experience right to your living room. The home also features an interactive art wall that lets you change your home décor with the click of a button.



By far, the most popular entertainment option in the Future Home is the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality (VR) station. Sit down in one of the two swivel chairs, tap the side of the headset, and get transported to another world.

The arrival of the Future Home follows TELUS’ announcement last year that it’s investing $1 billion to connect Vancouver homes and businesses to the TELUS PureFibre network, which currently offers symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and an astonishing 1 terabyte of data.

Through flexible, transparent strands of glass that are slightly thicker than human hair, this network has the potential to transmit massive amounts of data at nearly the speed of light.

“Right now, we’re rolling out the TELUS PureFibre network across Vancouver and the Future Home gives visitors a glimpse into what’s going to be possible when their homes are connected at light speed,” says Dhesi.

The Future Home will be at the TELUS World of Science until December 4, and you won’t want to miss it. But if you do, you can always catch it at the Enchant Christmas Light Maze and Market from December 7 onwards.



TELUS Future Home – TELUS World of Science

When: November 26 to December 4, 10 am to 6 pm

Where: Science World parking lot, 1455 Quebec Street

Price: Free

TELUS Future Home – Enchant Christmas Light Maze and Market

When: December 7 to 31, 4 to 10 pm

Where: Enchant Christmas Market, West 1st Avenue and Crowe Street

Price: Admission to Enchant is required – $19.95 for adults. Buy tickets online

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