Teen artist creates white rose love grave for new Vancouver exhibition

Sep 9 2016, 6:45 pm

A 17-year-old Vancouver artist is wearing her heart on her art with a new installation featuring a love grave of white roses and cold, hard cement.

Dorothy Zhang‘s latest work will be exhibited at a solo show entitled If We Wanted To, on September 24 and September 25 at The Waterfall Building.

Zhang told Daily Hive the piece represents a feeling of completeness she felt with someone.

“I wanted to create something that celebrated the breakup which is very ironic,” Zhang said. “A love grave, celebration sculpture. I think it means, although it ended I’ll always remember you.”

Zhang experienced huge success earlier this year, after a show she curated and featured in for charity became a huge hit.

Somewhere Between Almost and Barely showcased the work of youth artists in support of non-profit Starts With One.

In just two days in April, the exhibition welcomed more than 500 visitors and raised $4,000 to help fight child poverty in Vancouver.

The white roses represent life, amid the death of a relationship (Dorothy Zhang)

The white roses represent life, amid the death of a relationship (Dorothy Zhang)

Zhang’s new installation will be made specifically for her solo show; it cannot be made until the actual week, she said, because the flowers would die.

“The delicate flower – a sign of life – is joined by death – signified by cold, hard, lifeless cement,” Zhang said.

“That represents a juxtaposition that even though love may not have worked out, the artist will always remember. Out of emotional death she acknowledges a sense of appreciation, of relief, and of celebration.”

If We Wanted To

Where: The Waterfall Building – 1540 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

When: Opening reception on Saturday, September 24, from 3 to 10 pm, exhibition continues on Sunday, September 25, from 1 to 10 pm

Entry: Totally free. Opening reception includes refreshments.

Teen artist Dorothy Zhang lives in Vancouver (Dorothy Zhang)

Teen artist Dorothy Zhang lives in Vancouver (Dorothy Zhang)