Local tech company has hiring opportunities for technologists from coast to coast

Oct 19 2021, 4:01 pm

Since launching in 2019, a local tech company has made its mark on the tech landscape in Canada — reshaping Windsor, Ontario, into an innovation hub.

Rocket Innovation Studio leverages its diverse pool of talent to service an expansive tech portfolio in Canada and the US. Today, the company is experiencing unprecedented growth and continuing to expand its roster of top tech professionals.

Its full-service development team collaborates, designs, builds, tests, and delivers a range of custom IT solutions to its clients. Using the most advanced technology on the market, Rocket Innovation Studio’s cross-functional team offers innovative development and analytic solutions to its partner companies.

By the end of the year, the company will expand its agile team by more than 100 team members and is recruiting for an assortment of tech-related roles, including product owners, software developers, software quality developers, data scientists, and big data developers.

This local company is open to tech professionals with all levels of experience. What matters the most is having a startup mindset and familiarity with software like C#, Node.js, Angular, React, and others.

New additions to the team can count on making a measurable impact on a fast-growing business that involves putting Windsor on the tech map, even if applicants are not located in Windsor. Rocket Innovation Studio is embracing the merits of remote work, which means opportunities are available for technologists from coast to coast.

Take Rachel Riggs, an associate data scientist located in Vancouver, for instance. “While the Rocket Innovation Studio office is located in Windsor, I am based in Vancouver, this demonstrates the company’s willingness to find the right talent no matter the location,” she tells us.

Riggs, who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics, was actually self-employed as a motion graphics artist before opting to make a career switch. Working in a creative field, she often found herself gravitating toward its more technical aspects.

After some “soul searching and self-reflection,” Riggs decided to go back to school to pursue what she was most passionate about. “I just knew that I wanted to do something with numbers and that I wanted to work in a career that was going to give me a lot of diverse options. Thankfully I discovered I absolutely love to code and that this was a path I was going to find challenging and fulfilling.”

Fast forward to today — Riggs is thriving in a new role and industry she describes as having only upward movement.

As an added benefit, her company, Rocket Innovation Studio, is focused on providing its team members with work-life balance, competitive salaries, stability, career growth, and a flourishing company culture.

Much of the company ethos boils down to helping people become the versions of themselves they aspire to be. Ultimately, work is more than just a paycheque — they recognize the importance of a company that invests in its people and values their input.

From in-house training programs to professional development hours, online course subscriptions, and mentoring opportunities, Rocket Innovation Studio offers easily accessible gateways to career growth.

“There are so many skills technologists can learn and develop at Rocket Innovation Studio,” says Riggs. Being surrounded by “so many smart and creative minds” is crucial to this process as well. “It’s imperative in this field to be able to share ideas, thoughts, and opinions; to be able to learn from each other to make our work better and have the most impact.”

For Rocket Innovation Studio, it is just as important to cultivate an inclusive team culture where new hires immediately feel welcome. According to Riggs, “The environment and culture at Rocket Innovation Studio is very supportive and positive.”

“There is a high level of trust within my team, and I’m able to ask questions without worrying that I’ll be judged or that I’m supposed to know all the answers. Everything we do is very collaborative.”

From day one, flexible work options, along with other perks and benefits, mean team members can feel that the company has their backs. This includes health, prescription, vision, dental coverage, and more.

“Some of the perks of Rocket Innovation Studio include benefits that start on the first day of employment, a company contribution to an RRSP, and time off that is devoted to professional development and personal significance days,” says Riggs.

Backed by Rocket Companies, Rocket Innovation Studio is looking to welcome fresh talent to its fast-growing, energetic hub.

To learn more and apply for an opportunity, visit MyRocketCareer.com/WindsorTech.

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