Taylor Swift, here are 13 places you should go while in Vancouver

Dec 20 2017, 12:35 am

Dear Taylor Swift,

Welcome to Vancouver! It’s been waiting for you!

Now that our city is next up on your 1989 Tour, we thought we would give you a little introduction to Vancouver and offer up a nice itinerary specifically tailored (see what we did there?) to you.

Just take our hand and let us show you incredible things.


1. You’re getting better, but if you want to work on your dance moves, you could head to Robson Square to shake it off with free ballroom dancing on Friday night or salsa on Sunday.

2. You know what would get a lot of Instagram likes? Taking a selfie with Olivia and Meredith in front of this cat mural in Kitsilano.

Image: Google Maps Streetview

Image: Google Maps Streetview

Image: Tumblr

Image: Tumblr

3. In case you run out of cross stitch materials, there is a Michaels on Alberni Street. It’s probably really close to wherever you’re staying. Who know’s maybe they’ll have a 1 a.m. party.

4. Take those long legs of yours for a walk down to Purebread Bakery for some baking inspiration and fulfill your wildest dreams with some of the most delicious cakes, brownies, croissants, cookies, scones, brioches, meringues and more in Vancouver.

This is a S’mores Brownie that may literally kill you with deliciousness.

S'mores Brownie from Purebread (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancity Buzz)

S’mores Brownie from Purebread (Lindsay William-Ross/Vancity Buzz)

5. There’s something you have to see in West Vancouver and it is this sign on Highway 1.

Image: Google Map Streetview

Image: Google Map Streetview

6. We can only imagine how many tubes of red lipstick you have, but if you need another one for those cherry lips, or just want to be in girly heaven, find the Kiss & Makeup shop on Manitoba Street in Olympic Village.

Plus, this is an outfit we think you’d like:

Ananas. @rails_la Britt buttondown in Pinapples. #ootd #saturday #fashion #summer #pineapples #brixton #willleather #geneticdenim #floorperson

A photo posted by Apothecary Apparel Accessories (@shopkissandmakeup) on


7. We know you love antique shopping, so maybe head over to Gild & Co on West 10th Avenue and get yourself this cool vintage disco ball/chandelier. It may be more 1889 than 1989, but you’ll still like it.

Image: Guild & Co

Image: Guild & Co

8. Since you’re a brand-new godmother, you should pick up baby Leo a cute onesie. We did some scouring and found this organic cotton one at Parade. Because, foxes.

9. We’re a city that lets boys and boys and girls and girls be out and proud so come join us for the Vancouver Pride Parade on Sunday.

10. There are 108 Starbucks locations in Vancouver, so plenty of places to hang out with your long list of Starbucks lovers.

AKA this guy:

Image: Tumblr

Image: Tumblr

11. Your friend Ed Sheeran is known to stop by the Fox Cabaret when he’s in Vancouver. It may not be your style (it’s an old converted porno theatre) but if Ed likes it, you might too!

Ed told me to caption this “SWEERAN”

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

12. Because you’re so good to your fans, we thought you might make some kids’ day by dropping by Children’s Hospital while you’re here. We literally DIE every time we watch this:

[youtube id=”h-xNBLOLH9Y”]

13. We wish you would come hang out at Vancity Buzz HQ! In fact, we’ve got it stocked with Diet Coke, freshly baked chai cookies and all 16 seasons of “Law and Order: SVU” just waiting for you.

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