Suspicious meat left in Delta park found not to be poisonous

Sep 12 2019, 9:23 am

Police say that the suspicious meat found at a Metro Vancouver park is not poisonous.

Over the course of the summer, the Delta Police Department (DPD) received multiple reports of meat being dropped at Watershed Park in North Delta.

Each time, the meat was left in the same area — near the trail entrance by 63rd Avenue. Seven to 10 pounds of meat would be left near the trail, ranging between two to three inches in size.

Police officers retrieved the meat and sent it off for analysis in early August.

Increased patrols by both police and civilians lead to identifying a person of interest — although no arrest was made. Additional meat such as goat brain, liver, chicken, kidney, and minced beef was also seized.

Now, in an update posted on Twitter, the DPD says that the samples sent tested as negative for poisons.

“It has been deemed that the meat dumping was not done maliciously, or with the intent to harm any animal or person.”

Vincent PlanaVincent Plana

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