Forgot how to deal with the rain? Here are 5 tips to survive the downpour

Dec 19 2017, 5:05 pm

It may have been a summer to revel in – long, hot and dry – but now Vancouver’s wet weather is coming back with a ferocity that will snap you out of the sunny, exotic fantasy you’ve been basking in.


Environment Canada is predicting up to 120 millimetres of rain for the weekend, which is both a good and bad thing. Dry soil means flash floods are a very real possibility, but it will give a much needed boost to our low reservoirs.

So, understandably, you might have trouble dealing with this new reality. Denial won’t help, but being prepared will, and in case you forgot how to cope with the rain, we’ve come up with five survival tips to help you make the transition back into typical Vancouver weather.

You’re welcome.

1. Dress appropriately

Vancouverites may have been dubbed the third worst dressed in Canada but we sure know how to keep dry. Go back to your West Coast roots and get out your Gore-Tex, your gum boots and your trusty baseball caps. You may not look good, but you’ll be comfortable and will look smart – as in intelligent, not stylish. Your practicality will pay off in spades while those grasping at the final straws of summer in shorts and flip-flops will look foolish. What’s worse than a wet flip-flop anyway?

2. Drive with caution

Via Giphy

Via Giphy

Driving with the windows down on dry, open roads is a summertime staple. Maybe you had your guard down and drove a little faster than you should, all in the name of feeling the wind in your hair.

Well knock it off.

The first rain after long periods of dryness makes roads incredibly slick, since it brings oil and grease to the surface. Combine that with rushing water in the case of flash flooding, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Environment Canada is recommending avoiding road underpasses, low-lying areas, drainage ditches and water collection areas if at all possible.

3. Practice good umbrella etiquette

Walking freely downtown without having to give others a wide berth has been a luxury that you’ll have to give up. Expect a sea of umbrellas sheltering surly, sundry civilians trying to make their way through the city this weekend.

Being considerate of others can make the experience of carrying an umbrella exponentially more pleasant:

  • Make sure to raise your umbrella when passing people to avoid knocking or soaking people without umbrellas.
  • Don’t carry an oversized umbrella. That’s just rude.
  • Don’t just abandon a broken umbrella in the street – that’s littering.
  • And for goodness sake, shake off your umbrella outside before entering a building, especially someone’s house.

Watch this handy video below for more on umbrella etiquette:

[youtube id=”QOrXadcP1pg”]

4. Learn how to be indoors

We’re known for being outdoorsy people in this city, but it’s time to hang that hat up while the wet weather graces us with dangerous flash floods and stormy conditions. Learn how to be a hermit for the weekend: dust off the boardgames, get out the kettle for some tea and have a few friends over to hunker down with.

Or better yet, have that special friend over for “Netflix and chill.” The world of your apartment is your oyster – get creative.

5. Have a romantic moment

With torrential downpours upon us, why not take the opportunity to recreate that scene from The Notebook or Breakfast at Tiffany’s or whatever? You know, where the cute, heterosexual couple realizes they can’t live without one another and have a romantic kiss in the rain. You’re getting soaked, but you don’t even care because you love each other so much and it’s magical.

Granted, it might not look as good on you as it did on Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard, but it’ll surely make for an obnoxious Instagram-worthy iPhone couple selfie.

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