Surrey to build 900 foot tower

Update: April Fools!

For years the City of Surrey has been working behind closed doors to bring the tallest tower in Metro Vancouver to their suburban city centre. However, no developer in their right might would propose such a tower. The most a developer was willing to build was 700 feet. That wasn’t enough for Mayor Watts, so the City of Surrey will finance the construction of an 80 floor, 900 foot tower. 

“I’m well aware that Surrey has a dubious reputation. Some may say it’s well deserved but I feel that this is the best city on the planet, our downtown is far superior to Vancouver’s and to back up that statement, we are going to finance the tallest tower in the province,” says Dianne Watts. “It is my hope that this announcement will make people forget that 11 murders have already taken place in Surrey,” continued Watts.

Not much is known about the project. What is known is that the tower will be tall and bulky, however, due to financial limitations the design will be very basic.

Image: City of Surrey Development Board