Driver given verbal police warning about phone use in drive-thru lineup (VIDEO)

May 11 2019, 12:15 am

A video of a Surrey RCMP officer approaching a driver waiting in a McDonald’s drive-thru is serving as a reminder to leave your phone alone — even if you’re just waiting in line for your burger and fries.

The footage has resulted in dozens of comments about how ticketing in drive-thrus is unfair, with many concerned that phones apps are often used to order and pay for meals.

Surrey RCMP responded to the video stating that in this case, no ticket was issued. Instead, the officer gave the driver a verbal warning after “observing them using a device while driving prior to entering the drive-thru area. Discretion is used by officers when enforcing this law, with public safety is always being top of mind.”

Although the driver was warned for using his phone prior to entering the drive-thru, Surrey RCMP says that under the BC Motor Vehicle Act, parking lots and drive-thrus are “considered part of the roadway, and are subject to enforcement of the BC Motor Vehicle Act which prohibits the use of electronic devices while driving.”

Surrey RCMP told Daily Hive that they do not conduct distracted driver operations in drive-thrus.

But if you’ve been using your phone right before rolling in to pick up that burger, you definitely could be stopped and fined.

Simran SinghSimran Singh

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