'Only in Surrey' Facebook page pokes fun at municipality's woes

Dec 19 2017, 1:30 pm

It is no secret that the City of Surrey is often the butt of jokes in the Metro Vancouver region, and now there is an entire Facebook page dedicated to mocking the city’s misfortunes and woes.

The page titled “Only in Surrey” points out the city’s crime and drug-related issues with photos and videos of odd and illicit behaviour – everything from used condoms and needles in streets and parks, incidents of open drug use and public sex, derelict vehicles driven in streets, individuals hauling odd garbage and homeless people sleeping in public spaces.

The page is maintained anonymously and has close to 6,500 likes, and its popularity is likely drawing the ire of City officials who have been trying to promote a clean and positive perception to attract growth and economic development. Under Mayor Dianne Watts’ tenure, in 2008 the municipality even chose a new tag line: “The Future Lives Here.”

However, some people disagree and believe the page is actually doing a public service to bring out the truth – to honestly identify the City’s woes in order to create real and lasting positive change. Here are some comments written on the page:

  • “They say they are working hard to change Surrey. But the problem is, it is soooo easy to find pictures like this to take in Surrey! So maybe they need to redouble their efforts.”
  • “I personally think the page serves as a good incentive for it to clean up its act.”
  • “[This is the] BEST PAGE EVER, shows what Surrey is really like. You’re not hurting anyone, you’re not picking fights, you are simply documenting. If former Mayor Watts ever WALKED around Surrey ALONE, she would be scared too.”
  • “Maybe city officials should worry more about the crime in Surrey than a Facebook page. But how can anyone who voted for our new Mayor actually think anything different will happen with the same problems than under Dianne Watts.”

This is not the first time the municipality has been publicly mocked. In early-2013, the municipality sent a cease and desist letter to www.SurreyShirts.com for its “Surrey The Future Dies Here” branded clothing – a parody of the City of Surrey’s logo and tagline.

Here is a sample of the less risqué posts on the controversial Facebook page:





Feature Image: Jay Anderson via Only in Surrey

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