Surrey city council votes to remove pesky peacocks from neighbourhood

Jun 27 2018, 5:09 pm

Surrey City Council has approved the removal of wild peacocks that have been causing havoc in the city’s Sullivan Heights neighbourhood.

In a city council meeting on July 25, council members unanimously passed a motion that to gradually remove the peacocks and peahens from the neighbourhood. The birds will be transferred the Surrey Animal Resource Centre.

According to the Sullivan Heights Peafowl Relocation Action Plan, eggs will also be removed from public and private property.

Humane traps will be provided to homeowners upon request. Once the birds are captured on a residence, bylaw officers will remove them immediately.

A certified biologist will also be overlooking the removal process to ensure it is safe and humane for the birds.

According to Surrey Public Safety manager, Jas Rehal, there are about 150 peacocks in the neighbourhood.

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