Surprise your lover with Doritos Ketchup Roses this Valentine's Day

Feb 2 2017, 6:35 pm

Preparing for Valentine’s Day is always the same.

You put on a fancy outfit for a dinner out. You have a vase ready on your nightstand for the flowers you’ll inevitably receive. You buy an inordinately expensive heart-shaped box of mediocre chocolates.

It’s sweet – often literally – but it would be nice if Valentine’s Day could include something a little different. Something with a little tang.

That’s why Doritos is bringing back their popular Doritos Ketchup Roses starting on February 6 for another season of romance.

Made from tangy Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips, these creations come in an elegant bouquet of 12 long-stemmed roses. Each bouquet also includes a bag of Doritos Ketchup chips for you and your beau to munch on should the mood strike (and it will).

Although it might look elegant, it’s a truly bold expression of love.

Each hand-crafted bouquet is made up of the finest Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips. Available for free for a limited time in limited quantities starting February 6, they can be ordered for delivery to select addresses in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Order at

Doritos Ketchup tortilla chips are available in store for a limited time only starting on January 15 wherever Doritos products are sold.

For more information on Doritos Ketchup Roses, and for a step-by-step tutorial of how to make your own hand-crafted version, check them out online, and on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.