Superdate is creating the only cryptocurrency that could help you find love

Feb 15 2018, 9:00 am

Superdate, the Vancouver-based dating app that helps users make connections by sharing exciting real-world activities, is taking the science of finding love in an exciting new direction: They’re making their own cryptocurrency.

Dubbed the SuperdateCoin, the cryptocurrency aims to serve not just as a Canadian-born answer to BitCoin or Ethereum, but also as a way to cut through the games of online dating and find someone as serious about making a real connection as you are.

“Never before has humanity been better connected. Never before has it been easier to communicate with each other. But, with an abundance of availability and an abundance of access, never before has communication been cheaper,” says Superdate CEO Steve Perry.

“This dynamic has worked to devolve first-generation dating apps to a simple ‘game of numbers’ in many users’ minds – a dynamic that creates and even incents low-quality engagements. At Superdate, we’re looking to revolutionize the way users engage each other – as we’ve done already by focusing on the date that users go on rather than the initial connection – and in doing that we’re looking to revolutionize how dating apps create outcomes for users. We believe, with SuperdateCoin, we can do just that.”

Superdate has released its ICO Whitepaper Teaser at in advance of taking initial indications of interest from both retail and institutional investors. Superdate is planning to host an institutional investor roadshow on the date of March 12, 2018. 

Click here to make sure you’re first in line for this exciting new chapter in Canadian cryptocurrency history.

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