Sunset Beach reopens to the public as E.Coli levels drop

Aug 2 2018, 3:14 pm

Sunset Beach, located in Vancouver’s West End, has been reopened for swimming and wading.

The Vancouver Park Board, in conjunction with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), made the annnouncement yesterday afternoon, several hours before the Celebration of Light began.

While the opening was a sigh of relief for most, there were a few Vancouverites who had their doubts about the water quality.

The removal of the swiming advisory signals that the previously-high levels of E.Coli bacteria in the water must have gone done. A reason for the elevated levels has not yet been shared, however.

E.Coli counts for all beaches in the Vancouver area will be next updated on Friday, August 3.

Several beaches in West Vancouver, as well as Kitsilano beach and Kitsilano Point, remain closed until further notice.

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