How a pair of sunglasses will change how you see the world forever

May 4 2018, 4:49 am

Seasons come and go, but one accessory is a genuine life-saver that you can depend on year-round: Sunglasses.

Up until now, you’ve probably put the focus on finding shades that will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and that look stylish, too (obviously). Now think for a moment – have you ever thought about sunglasses that could help you see things in beautiful colour?

This can now be a reality because North Vancouver-based Ryders Eyewear has launched a new colourBOOST lens technology that improves colour recognition by 20%.

Each pair of sunglasses in the collection are made with an anti-reflective (AR) coating on the back of a NXT lens. This next-level chemistry dramatically enhances your perception of primary colours, giving you a crystal clear view of the world around you.

Nobody wants to live in a sepia-tone world, and you shouldn’t have to look at one when you’re exploring beautiful new landscapes, hiking toward a glistening glacier, or while you’re mountain biking down Whistler’s Top of the World trail. Just imagine the Clarendon Instagram filter over your eyeballs, at all times; colourBOOST pops the colours around you, providing a more defined and vibrant experience.

Ryders, born as a Mountain Bike-focused brand in 1986, has grown to become one of Canada’s leading eyewear providers. With performance-inspired designs, they have successfully established themselves as the ‘go-to’ for many technology seekers. Offering unparalleled bang for your buck, Ryders strives to develop cutting-edge eyewear at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Ryders continues to develop cycling-focused designs, but have also stepped up their game on the ‘lifestyle’ side of things. In fact, they recently won a Red Dot design award for their new stylish Serra model.

Serra/Ryders Eyewear

Of course, colourBOOST is their latest feature, and these are the three new sunglasses models that you can get them in.


Cakewalk/Ryders Eyewear

Cakewalk/Ryders Eyewear


Hazel/Ryders Eyewear

Hazel/Ryders Eyewear


Pemby/Ryders Eyewear

Pemby/Ryders Eyewear

Wait, there’s more.

Sunglasses by Ryders Eyewear also have antiFOG options – a high-quality lens technology that staves off condensation so you can enjoy all of the benefits of the lens without being distracted by hazardous fog.

Then there’s FYRE, this lens is arguably the highest performance on the market. Combining antiFOG, colourBOOST, and three other impressive technologies to make up a high-performance lens that is continuously optimizing for performance.

Now, the FYRE lens has built-in colourBOOST technology for those who want to push the boundaries of adventure sports.

If you’re ready to experience your next adventure in vibrant colour, visit Ryders Eyewear now to shop the latest collection.

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