Sundin Update!

Dec 19 2017, 11:39 am

With the end of July approaching us, so is the Mats Sundin Saga… hopefully. Sundin’s Agent JP Barry called in to a local radio station clarifying the situation”There is no set deadline for Mats, there is likely not going to be any announcements come August 1st.” He later states that Sundin will probably make his choice within the next 2 weeks. Currently, Sundin is in Stockholm discussing matters with his Swedish agent. This is a good sign for any hockey fan who wants to see the big center play again, as Swedish players head down to Stockholm in the beginning of August to start skating.

Some other interesting news was leaked out of that interview with JP Barry. Apparently there are currently more than three teams in the hunt for the Swedish Center. The number of teams has doubled in the last week. It has been confirmed that 6 teams are in pursuit of Sundin. So far the other 3 teams have not been named but JP Barry did shed some details. He said that the other teams that are interested in his services are willing to trade roster players to accommodate the Big Hulking center (that just turned on Money J Skeets). This leads me to believe that the Rangers are a team interested in Sundin, albeit they’re very close to the cap. It has been stated by Sundin that he would like to play there.

The Schwab has spoken!!!

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