Sundin, The Honeymoon Is Over

Dec 19 2017, 11:46 am


When we signed Mats Sundin I was elated. Finally, the Canucks have a big centre that can make the players around him better. We have yet to see that. Sure there has been a few flashes of brilliance sprinkled in between the plethora of penalties taken by Mats. Not too mention the penalties usually end up costing us the game. Tonight it led to the tying goal and eroded what little momentum the Canucks had built up until that point.

Then Schwab informed about the fact that Mats chose to go to Whistler during the All-star break instead of I don’t know skating and working to get his game back. You’d think a nine month holiday would suffice.

Whatever the case may be the Canucks need to get going. The game against the Predators was a tough one to watch. Too many times I have seen this team build a lead only to piss it away in a couple of minutes. I am still on the bandwagon and love this team, but sooner or later something has got to give. Ten games from now we will know what the future holds for this team and which free agents will be coming back in a ‘Nucks uniform.

Sundin was a gamble, let see how the cards play out.

DH Vancouver StaffDH Vancouver Staff

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