Sunday Musings: September 14

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

The 2010 ticket process was finalized this week, see for complete information on this 3 phased process. As you know by now, the Urban Dweller is an avid supporter of the Olympics and can not wait to take in the sites and sounds come 2010. I’ve already booked 3 weeks off from work during the Olympics. Now, lets just hope I score some gold medal Hockey tickets and that Team Canada is in the gold medal game.

Keeping in line with the sport theme I now bring your attention to something Money J Skeets posted earlier this week. Yes, you read correctly, Skeets actually had an insightful post. Surely the world is coming to an end soon. A question many Vancouverites have pondered is why can’t we support another major sports franchise in Vancouver? Don’t get me wrong I love the Lions and support the Whitecaps bid to join the MLS, but still the desire for a second major pro sports franchise lingers. Sadly, I don’t see it happening for at least another 10 years, so keep dreaming Skeets.

Sports at all levels is needed in this city. It promotes physical activity and moreover, sports has the ability to unite people from all demographics and keep kids away from gangs and drugs. The inner city especially needs more facilities, the eastern and southern regions of Vancouver are lacking in suitable facilities, see the Trout Lake community centre debacle. Lets see more tennis courts, lacrosse boxes, soccer fields with proper lighting so residents can play at night. Apparently the city politicians believe that immigrants and their children don’t play sports. Egregious.

Nimby’s would probably vehemently oppose any funding for additional sports facilities, like the proposed waterfront soccer specific stadium. Fuck the Nimby’s, they can go back to their circle jerk ways. As you know I hate them as much as I hate the Lazy Fucktard Union aka APC. Here is a thought, why don’t you try working more than 2 days a week. Remember your very existence does not give you the the privilege to live in Downtown Vancouver or COV for that matter, get a career, win the lottery or whatever and then maybe you could afford to live here. If not, too bad, I hear the Suburbs aren’t that bad.

Which brings me to the homeless issue that plagues our city. I am very interested to see what the federal, provincial and municipal politicians have to say about that. The City of Vancouver alone will not be able to solve this issue, it is a region wide epidemic that would require cooperation from all metro Vancouver municipalities. Even the “heavenly” suburbs and their white picket fences can’t escape the wrath of the hobos.

Metallica tickets went on sale yesterday, did you get your tickets? I did, can’t fucking wait for this show.

I was scanning the internet and ran across this future rendering of downtown Vancouver. It includes the following buildings currently under construction: Ritz-Carlton, Private Residences at Hotel Georgia, West Pender Place, Fairmont Pacific Rim, Jameson House and a few other taller structures. I leave you with the godly image, now go out and enjoy the weekend. Before you know it, it’ll be raining.

(photo courtesy of Dleung at SSC)

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