Sunday Musings: November 23, 2008

Dec 19 2017, 11:44 am

This has been a hectic week at Vancity Buzz as the administrative team scrambled to get the Dipt contest online. Many thanks to Jeff over at Dipt for hooking us up, no doubt he’ll be making 6 Vancouverites extremely happy this holiday season. We are trying to get some other contests up for you, our loyal readers. It may or may not happen, it all depends on the generosity of local retailers, it is Christmas after all.

This past week was another hectic one for the markets. I was moving in and out of stock so fast, trying to beat the odds and make some extra cash on the side. It worked out quite well.

Word of caution to those thinking about day trading in these tumultuous times. Don’t. Unless you are a master craft wizard like myself, mother market will grab you by the balls and rip them right off leaving you a blithering idiot, mumbling incoherent gibberish down Howe Street. Trust me you don’t want to be doing that.

On that note, it’s funny seeing grown men reduced to crying little school girls. My office was full of them this week. You would think that people who lived through the crappy recession in the early 80’s and the stock market crash of ’87 would have known better. Instead they were taken to school by a young lad who barely remembers the dot com crash. Now these men have to go to their homes in West Van and explain to their trophy wives how they’ll have to sell their Ferrari, Bugatti etc… and forgo that illegal immigrant housekeeper. These are tough times indeed my friends.

Switching gears, Bill O’Reily is at it again, this time bashing Heidi Klum for the Guitar Hero 3 World Tour ad she did. What an asshat, how can you say any thing negative about her? You can see the directors cut of Heidi Klum’s ad here.

Speaking of Heidi Klum she was number 7 in E! entertainment television list of world’s sexiest women. I think that this is an injustice, she should have been higher on that list, the rest of the list can be viewed here. Lingerie Model Karolina Kurkova was voted number 1.

Well I’m off to go listen to my XMp3 satellite player, I’ll have a full review on it in a few weeks. This may very well be the gift of all gifts for that tech junkie in your lives this year. C you later.

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