Sunday Musings: January 25, 2009

Dec 19 2017, 11:46 am

Today the NHL All-Star game will be played in Montreal. Is there any better place on this planet to watch hockey? Too bad the game itself sucks and yesterdays skills competition wasn’t any better. Although watching Ovechkin put on that silly hat and shades and then go on a breakaway with TWO sticks was funny. He should have thrown one of the sticks at the goalie, that would have guaranteed him a goal.
Oh and that whole Ovechkin vs Malkin and how they hate each others guts was deemed to be false. As for the game itself, something needs to be done.The Whistler celebration plaza that was supposed to host nightly medal ceremonies, but due to budget constraints that has been toned down considerably. Another victim of the great recession of 2009. However, Whistler’s mayor has vowed to have ceremonies (some sort of party with concerts) without VANOC $$$. Good for them.

I’ve been getting emails asking me to bring back the Small Business Profile. Just know this, it will be back this Thursday so stay tuned. I promise it will be a good one.

Stuff was pretty light on the political front this past week. Thank god! We were back to the normal NDP bashing the Liberals ideas and then coming up with none of their own. This time around Olympic critic Harry Bains weighed in with his regular redundant jibber jabber. Yawn. NDP please continue to do what you are doing, it is working great!

The May election will be won on one issue, the economy. After all its the economy stupid, and the NDP no shit about that, which bodes well for the Liberals getting re-elected. Does anyone remember the 1990’s and how the NDP threw this province down the economic ladder. Lets hope so come election time.

Oh yeah down south some guy named Obama became the first Black President this week. The coverage of his first 100 hours, days, shits etc…is getting to be a bit much, no.

If you get a chance check out the festivities surrounding Chinese New Year.

If you live in the valley go check out Surrey Winterfest it’s coming soon or if you have tickets Katy Perry is in town tonight.

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