Sunday Musings: How Did We Get Here?

Dec 19 2017, 11:41 am

Surrey condo developer out of cash. Wall Street impacts King George Hwy, who’d a thunk it? You’ll see this more and more in the burbs as mainly 2nd tier developers are canvassing around the town looking to sell suburban dwellers on the urban dream in a suburban setting, and not a good one (yet?) I might add. Egregious.

Look, I know Surrey is the next downtown, whatever that means? However, Surrey caught on to this economic boom too late and now will suffer the consequences. It will be in the next development boom in which Surrey will really make progress. Will it ever be a second downtown? Maybe, but as I’ve stated before the city centre plan was atrocious and although they have plans for office development, they need to attract good tenants. Cheap rental rates aren’t enough to attract top tier companies. Go out and talk to people on Burrard and Howe Streets and everyone will tell you they would prefer to work downtown and never take a job in Surrey. This is not a slag on the city, its a fact that it is too suburban, it doesn’t scream urban or have the vibrant street life downtown Vancouver enjoys. Perhaps one day?

Lets start building more social housing out there, cuz I sure as hell don’t want the homeless pitching a tent in our parks. Thank god the place broke them up. Apparently they can set up shop overnight so long as they leave by 7 am. I think that is fair. I can just see it now, kids playing soccer with slipping and falling over crack pipes and needles. Yes, that is what my hard earned tax dollars pay for. Egregious.

So Main street wants to kill Wall Street, really? Realize this you idiots, how many coach bags do you NEED? none, yet you got out and buy them. Go feed your fucking family first and then worry about that trip to Vegas or Mexico. This market meltdown was needed as greed not only amongst white collar workers, but blue collar workers was rampant. People will now prioritize their lives and realize that all the $$$ in the world won’t buy you happiness. It can buy lapdances at the Spearmint Rhino and a plethora of TV’s, Ipods, designer purses and suits. No longer will horny old men by copious amounts of Viagra and Cialis. Nope its back to the generic brands for you! But even after all that are you truly happy? Remember the American dream was just that, a dream and now its dead. Reality is a motherfucker ain’t it.

Take a look at the VIX (volatility index) or as those in the business community call it the fear index. It is at all time highs. As Warren Buffett stated, “be fearful when everybody is greedy, and greedy when everyone is fearful.” Right now I’ll take advantage of the market, thank you very much.

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