Sunday Musings: Day of the Dead

Dec 19 2017, 11:55 am

Urban Dweller is working overtime in the office this weekend so I’ll be doing the musings today.

Zombies were seen walking through the downtown streets of Victoria this past weekend. Apparently the dead hate the Olympics too and I must say though so far I’ve been pleased with their protesting efforts. Perhaps they have clued in and now realize that to win over the general public (which they need to do) idiotic tactics just won’t cut it.

Zombie- a person who is or appears to be lifeless, apathetic, or totally lacking in independent judgment; automaton

I guess this is an accurate description for protesters as many of them have succumbed to groupthink, ironically, this is one of the things claimed by protesters about 2010 winter Olympics supporters. Think of it as sort a clash between corporate zombies and socialist zombies. In the end we all know who will win out.

Speaking of the living dead, the Canucks roster has been decimated with injuries. In fact one in seven NHL players is on the injury list. The Canucks will be without 7 regulars going into tonight’s games against the Colorado “playing way over their heads” Avalanche. Let’s hope Raycroft or Schneider play well enough to eek out a victory. If Schneider starts, he needs to prove that he is a blue chip prospect so we can get maximum return for him in a trade. Otherwise I feel he is another Martin Brochu waiting to happen. It’s imperative that the Canucks play .500 hockey during this injury rattled stretch. Their playoff hopes depend on it.

is over and now the hangover begins. This month we gave away lots of free swag to our readers and in November there will be even more contests, it pays to read the Buzz.

Starting Tuesday it’s fashion week in Vancouver. Look for the Buzz to be all over that. Look for designer and model profiles, throughout the week.

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