This is what your summer wine choice says about your personality

May 7 2018, 4:22 pm

You’ve probably spent the last few months cocooned up at home; the mere thought of venturing outside in the cold giving you internal shivers – but you made it! Granted, your social life has probably been on hold.

Now, for the next couple of months, you can make up for lost time by spending it with those you love socializing with the most. Why not elevate each moment with a bottle of summer-perfect wine that shows off your taste?

First, let’s take a look at what your summer wine choice says about your personality.

Rosé all day./Image: Kim Crawford

Rosé – The Social Butterfly

When rosé is first on your list, you’re the type of person who isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and take chances. You’re a natural socialite who loves to make a statementwhether it’s with fashion, preparing a lavish spread for your inner circle, or choosing the perfect wine. So if you’re aiming to be the host of the summer (like everyone knows you are), step up your game, defy the norm, and treat your guests to the ultimate rosé mimosa cocktail.

Chardon-yay!/Image: Kim Crawford

Chardonnay – The Calm Presence

You’re Canadian but you feel like you were born in the South of France in a previous life, that’s why you enjoy a relaxed European-inspired lifestyle. You would rather take your time browsing through eclectic boutiques than rushing around mainstream stores. And when you host a party, friends know that it’s going to be a stress-free time which could easily go on until 2 am. You always opt for a taste you know that both you and your guests will love. Now, you can serve them up a creative twist this summer with the fennel fizz chardonnay cocktail.

Pinot Gris – The Real One

If a friend is hosting a party, you’ll call ahead of time to ask what’s on the menu, and most importantly, what the wine options will be. Maybe the people in your life think you’re a little bit extra, but they know you’re the one who turns a two-star party into a five-star soiree with some forward-thinking. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re not afraid to say when something sucks, or when it’s simply divine. That’s why you’re the one that everyone trusts when it comes to life and cocktail advice.

We don’t have a pun for this./Image: Kim Crawford

Sauvignon Blanc – The Strong Personality

Although you seem outgoing to the crowd, you’d generally prefer to stay in catching up with friends than going to a nightclub only to end up with an unmerciful hangover. You give everything a second thought, not because you’re afraid, but because you know how to maximize your time and want to spend it the way you know you’ll enjoy it the most. This isn’t to say you’re selfish, rather, selective. So when it comes to your wine, you opt for the Sauvignon Blanc because you know it always exceeds your expectations. That’s why the easy-to-make matcha tea-ser cocktail is so you.

Somebody call Titus./Image: Kim Crawford

Pinot Noir – The One-Of-A-Kind

Passionate about life and the beauty of art, you invest your time in cultural experiences that give you long-lasting memories. You’re shy to jump on the trend bandwagon because you’ve got your own unique sense of style and aura. That’s why you stick to red wine as your go-to libation in the summer. But since you admire a twist on a flavourful Pinot Noir, you’ll be happy to test your mixologist skills in making handcrafted spiced moon martini cocktails. And yes, they will wow people.

Visit Kim Crawford Wines to find even more bespoke cocktail recipes that your friends will be swooning over this summer.

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