Big Dreams Big Ideas

Big Dreams Big Ideas is a social product development website aimed at spurring product creation and innovation by linking people with different facets of expertise. Entrepreneur Dean Horsfield just launched BDBI on Feb 1st of this year and hopes to tap into the entrepreneurial hotbed that is Vancouver.

Dean has worked on a few other businesses in the past, but this is by far the largest and most scaleable project yet. He has always had a passion and desire to get involved in helping create opportunities and personal empowerment for local Canadians. BDBI is an extension of that passion.

Our Mission:
Our primary mission is empower the youth of Canada to become more entrepreneurial. We know how difficult it can be to have ideas and inventions heard by the general public, yet alone financed. We are attempting to change that by offering Canadians (especially young Canadians) the opportunity to have their ideas not only heard Canada wide, but also produced and distributed through major Canadian retailers (to be perfectly honest, we have not secured our retailer yet, but we are in talks)..

What we do:
BDBI is a social product development website. Meaning, everyone who is a member of our website (membership is free) has the opportunity to get involved in the invention, design, branding, and even financing of new product innovations. Basically, users submit their product ideas, offer feedback, vote on their favourites, and ultimately decide which product(s) will go to market. The community members who had their ideas voted into the product design and branding will then receive a portion of the revenues. Everyone else who was involved, but did not have their ideas included in the final product will earn points that can be used in the future for things like: Free Idea submissions, Product purchases, and the partial Financing of future products.

Not only will successful inventors and ideates earn income from their products and ideas going to market, all products will have the creator’s and contributor’s bios displayed on our website. This will have a huge impact not only the finances of a Canadian inventor, but on their future career path as well.

The Cost
Currently it costs $10 per idea submission. We want to be sure that people take the time to clearly think through their ideas, and a small fee helps stop people from simply dumping every idea that they have onto our site. However, we recognize that not everyone has $10 to spend, so we have created a point system that allows active participants the opportunity to earn points for commenting on ideas and logging in daily. Those points can then be exchange for a coupon code that allows for a free idea submission. For those who don’t want to wait for the points to accumulate, we have been known to hand out free coupon codes to people who give us a shout out on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Where we are today
Right now we are asking Canadians to submit, vote, and comment on their favourite ideas. Each week the top voted idea will move into the finalist round. The voting continues in the finalist round as we search for our first product, and our first famous inventor. Once we have our winning idea (based on vote count) we will repost the idea allowing the community to design and brand the product. Again, all designs and branding ideas will be submitted and voted on by the community. We will not make any of the final decisions, everything will be controlled by our community of empowered users.

For more information and to get innovating, check out