6 stylish fall fashion tips

Dec 19 2017, 6:08 pm

Before we head into full-on sweater weather, now is the time to layer up your look so that you can easily transition from an afternoon in the sun to the cool crispness of an evening out.

But how can you look hot this fall without making your wallet sweat? Here are six stylish fall fashion tips to instantly add some seasonal flair to your outfit.

1. Vest 

Nothing beats a vest for the way that it keeps your torso warm while leaving your arms unencumbered. Indeed it has become a seasonal staple, and with a wide variety of styles and fabrics on offer there’s almost and endless array to choose from. Whether you opt for texture or a fringe in order to make a statement, or go for a more subtle option that blends into your ensemble; it’s the perfect piece for combining style and comfort. Vests also often come with pockets (always a plus), and can be made even warmer by adding a scarf on top.

vest forever 21

Image: Forever 21

2. Poncho    

Ponchos are a huge trend this season – they’ve been modified for convenience so there is no need to pull them over your head and risk messing up your hair. They’re basically equivalent to wrapping a cozy blanket around yourself, but cut in a way so they don’t fall off your shoulders. These are an easy option to throw on top of anything from a tank top to a light sweater, adding an instant injection of style to wardrobe basics.

dynamite poncho

Image: Dynamite Clothing

3. Plaid shirt  

A plaid shirt, often made out of flannel, is another easy piece that can work in various ways. It can be worn buttoned up, open with a tank top or thin turtleneck underneath, or even act as a light covering if it’s long. The check pattern and multi-colours give it interest while also making it easy to match with whatever other coloured pieces you’re wearing. The flannel also makes it soft and cozy against the skin.


Image: American Eagle Outfitters

4. Floppy hat 

The ’70s are back in a big way this fall season, and a quick and inexpensive way to incorporate this latest trend into your look is by wearing a floppy felt hat. They can be dressed up or down, adding a chic finishing touch while keeping your head warm and concealing even the baddest of bad hair days. Not to mention they’re a lifesaver if a sudden sprinkling of rain appears (which never happens in Vancouver, ahem).

floppy hat

Image: Belle Mode Reve

5. Long cardigan 

Long open cardigans have been an ever present over the past few fall seasons, and continue to be popular for good reason. They’re easy to throw on top of everything, and act like a long sweater coat. They also keep you warm, while the open front means they don’t become too stuffy and can quickly be taken off if need be.


Image: Forever 21

6. Sweater dress

There’s no easier way to look pulled together than wearing a sweater dress. They only take a moment to put on and show off your curves without being too clingy. Throw on a simple necklace and a pair of knee-high boots, and you’re out the door. Besides being made of wool, which can get a bit warm, sweater dresses can also come in sweatshirt material or denim for a more casual look.


Image: Forever 21