Price is Right: Canucks could reunite trio of Strome brothers — if they're interested

Jul 12 2022, 4:39 pm

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Free agency is around the corner in the NHL, but that might be a moot announcement for the Vancouver Canucks, who don’t have much money in the bank to go shopping for improvements.

That is, unless, a trade is coming that opens some cap space.

Andrey Kuzmenko qualifies as a free agent pick up obviously, so it’s not like the Canucks are completely shutout of the process, but improving the third line would have been a nice exercise at this time of year.

Heck a solidifying of the middle six overall would have been a nice order of business.

And there’s an opportunity presenting itself right now for any team to take advantage.

It turns out that if your last name is Strome, you need to change address.   Dylan went unqualified in Chicago, Ryan will go to UFA from the New York Rangers, heck even young Matthew will be a free agent after not re-signing with Philadelphia.

Both Ryan and Dylan had very good years by their own metrics.  20 goal seasons.  Individually, each will want a raise but how about.. together?

As we know, most hockey playing brothers want to play together.  The Tkachuks and Hughes’ haven’t made many secrets about it.  The Niedermayers made it a priority, Sedins too obviously.

So with that in mind, give the Stromes a chance to not only play on the same team, but play together.. Package deal, with a fair price but only that for both Dylan and Ryan.  Maybe a two-way deal for Matthew to cinch the deal?  In the case of the Canucks, would allow all 3 to live in the same city if Matthew didn’t mind the commute to the valley.

I’ve never been the biggest fans of the Strome game, but both of the big boys have blossomed into good if not great players.

And with a left and right handed shot in the pair, and both able to play the middle, it’s a wonderful venture to make to bolster a middle 6.  Particularly for a team like the Canucks who need a right handed centre that can kill penalties.   Ryan has had some years, like 2019-20, when he killed over 2 minutes per game.

It’s probably fantasy for the Canucks to have the space to make this happen.  But if it’s not them, someone should try.   Get the family pack!  Save some dough, save your middle six.

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