Storytellers talk tech at Venture This!

Dec 19 2017, 11:53 pm

A brand new event is looking to give a group of storytellers a chance to share their experiences with the ever-changing world of technology at Venture This!

Venture This! is a new open mic-style speaker series focusing on life in the tech industry. Featuring nine speakers, from business moguls to consumers, the event hopes to deliver different perspectives on technology and how we interact with it.

“We created the event to allow more people to speak to more experiences, and create  bit of richness and diversity of perspective,” says Lima Al-Azzeh, one of the event’s creators. “So you won’t just get the business tycoons and the founders, you’ll get the start-up entrepreneurs, or even just the regular citizen who uses social media.”

The event was created in partnership with Hootsuite Labs, who are donating the space, and Rain City Chronicles, who will be producing a podcast series featuring the speakers. Al-Azzeh says that the connections forged through storytelling were one of the driving reasons behind creating the event.

“You can easily remember what someone viscerally and animatedly talks about, it sticks out in your brain,” she says. “Not only do you learn from that, it can forge a lot of bonds. We found it breaks down the barrier between the person speaking and the audience member, and it lets you connect in a genuine and meaningful way.”

Having worked in tech for the past seven years, and currently working as the Community Manager at Hootsuite Labs, Al-Azzeh says the support and camaraderie shown in the tech industry has driven the need for events such as Venture This!

“It’s such a supportive and collaborative community,” she says. “People tend to humbly share what they’re learning, how they’re doing, and what they’re doing. You’ll commonly find on any roster of tech events, that there is no shortage of speakers and members getting together to learn from each other.”

Al-Azzeh says the amazing thing about events Venture This! this is the conversations and relationships they form.

“When the houselights go up, after you’ve heard all these stories, people tend to turn to each other, even if they don’t know each other, and start sharing their own stories,” she says. “It’s this natural effect of this kind of event, and that’s the sort of vibe we’re going for, something really casual, where you can relax and connect and speak to your own experience.”

Each event will have a different line-up and a different theme, with the first one being “Rejected”. While the line-up for the first event is already set, people looking to pitch their story and grab some stage time are encouraged to head to, and fill out their speaker form.

Image via Venture This!

Image via Venture This!

Venture This! Rejected

When: Monday, June 29

Where: Hootsuite HQ – 5 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver


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