Stop screaming for ice cream - now you can get it for free

Jun 16 2016, 2:32 pm

Make way for this incredible new ice cream, Vancouverites. Just like its cupcake predecessor, this other sweet treat promises to be incredible too.

Lori Joyce and Heather White, also known as the “Cupcake Girls,” went centre stage in 2002 with their West Coast Cupcake bakery revolution. And with summer right around the corner, the two sweethearts are launching their own super-premium ice cream called Betterwith Ice Cream.

The brand new super-premium ice cream comes in six delicious flavours including cream, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, coffee, and strawberry. But this is no ordinary ice cream. Betterwith has low overrun (air) and high butterfat content, making it smoother and richer than other ice creams on the market

To celebrate the first day of summer on June 20, you can get a free Betterwith Ice Cream at the flagship Thurlow and Robson Cupcakes location only. Just drop by between 12 pm and 3 pm and pay with a social media post following the directions found below.

To score one free Betterwith Ice Cream, complete the directions found below:

©Treasures & Travels / Stocksy United

©Treasures & Travels / Stocksy United

1. Come down to the Cupcakes flagship store at 797 Thurlow Street on Monday June 20 from 12 pm to 3 pm.

2. Grab your free Betterwith Ice Cream.

3. Post a photo with your ice cream to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account (at least one) letting your friends know what summertime activity you’ll be enjoying with your free ice cream.

4. The post must include the hashtag #BETTERWITH. Next, tag to the Cupcakes Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.

5. Show your post to the Cupcake Girls (they’ll have their social media expert on-hand to help) and go enjoy your summer.

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