This Vancouver-based brand designed the ultimate bag for festival season

Apr 29 2019, 6:09 pm

It’s almost prime festival season here in Canada and if you’re like us, you’re probably already planning your outfits.

Every year, Coachella and Burning Man raise the bar when it comes to bespoke festival style. And this season, you’ve got the power to break festival fashion boundaries with looks that combine style and comfort effortlessly.

Naturally, you’ll be thinking about the accessories you’re going to pair with each of your festival looks. And when it comes to your bag, Vancouver-based brand STIL Classics has you covered.

STIL was founded by Swiss-born creator Marissa Cristina with the intention of “empowering women who needed to get sh*t done.” Now let’s take a look at why STIL’s exposĂ© tote is going to be your saving Grace at festivals and concerts this summer.


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Attendees at the recent Ariana Grande concerts in Vancouver and Edmonton were permitted to only bring clear bags made of either plastic, vinyl, or PVC, into the stadiums with them — a security measure which allowed for the safest experience and smoothest entry for everyone.

This could be something that’s rolled out more often at concerts and festivals. But you can ensure that you’re already prepared in style with the STIL exposĂ© tote. It’s the kind of bag that allows you to be your true self by letting the world see the real you. How you style yours is totally up to you — keep it messy chic or super neat.


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There aren’t many brands that describe their bags as “your playground” but that’s exactly what this one is. It costs just $59 and it lets you expose all sides of your personality when you wear it.

With leather trim, gold detailing, and a clip-on leather tassel, the exposĂ© tote doesn’t ask you to compromise style for function. And if anything, it saves you time in your day.

Let’s be real, how many times have you been to a festival and thought that you lost your smartphone? It happens to the best of us, and mainly because we can’t see where our phone is in our bag. The exposĂ© tote solves this problem for you by allowing you to see everything that you have in your bag at once.


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You don’t have to search endlessly for your earphones or lipstick when you’ve got a bag like this because it subtly helps you become more organized. Whether an organized mess or colour-blocked detailing is your thing, it works with this tote.

Visit STIL Classics now to preorder your exposé tote and get ready for the best festival season of your adult life.

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