Steve Dangle announces departure from Sportsnet after nine years

Jun 7 2023, 2:01 pm

Steve Dangle is betting on himself.

The popular hockey content creator — who focuses a large portion of his work around the Toronto Maple Leafs — announced Wednesday that he’s set to leave his role at Sportsnet in the near future.

Dangle announced that he’d be working full time for SDPN — short for Steve Dangle Podcast Network, a company he cofounded in 2020 — alongside his podcast co-host and producer Adam Wylde and Jesse Blake.

Dangle, whose real name is Steve Glynn, has worked at Sportsnet since 2014, serving in various roles across their web, video, radio, and television platforms.

“I’ve made that decision to bet on myself. And by myself, I mean, us, I’m betting on us in SDPN, where I’m going to be working full-time,” Dangle announced in a YouTube video on Wednesday morning.

The SDPN currently consists of eight different podcasts and seven different postgame reaction shows for each Canadian NHL team.

“[People have asked me], if I like my job so much, why am I leaving? Because — and I’ve complained about this many times —  there’s only 24 hours in a day. And that has often annoyed me. And you know, apart from the obvious wanting to be good at having a family and stuff, I make a lot of stuff for Sportsnet. And I make a lot of stuff for SDPN… I just want to put all my energy into one thing.”

Dangle followed up in a tweet that he’d be working through the remainder of the Stanley Cup playoffs before making the shift.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to make videos for Sportsnet. Because I have made hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them for Sportsnet, over the years, and it has taken me to some absolutely wild places, I was surprised with how much creative freedom I had over the years,” Dangle continued.

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