ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is REALLY excited about the Seattle Kraken

Mar 12 2021, 1:09 am

Stephen A. Smith doesn’t know a lot about hockey, but he does know about the Seattle Kraken, and let me tell you, he is excited about it.

“The NHL is back [on ESPN], and look who’s talking about hockey!” the outspoken ESPN broadcaster said in a video posted to Twitter today.

ESPN signed a new seven-year media rights deal with the NHL this week, which will bring games back to the all-sports channel in the United States beginning in the 2021-22 season. ESPN’s last TV rights deal with the NHL expired in 2005.

So to celebrate, Smith put together a fun list of things he knows about hockey. The Seattle Kraken ranked No. 5 on the list, but that doesn’t mean he was any less excited about them.

“This is a miracle, because I don’t know a damn thing about hockey!” Smith joked.

“Give it to me! Release the Kraken!” he said.

“The Kraken is a mythological sea monster, a giant squid, from the 1800s. Listen! You didn’t think I’d know that! That’s right. But damn it, it’s the Kraken! It’s Seattle, which is a beautiful city, especially when the sun is shining.”

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