StayFitAnywhere: Josh Neumann

Dec 19 2017, 4:36 am

A couple of our writers have had the pleasure to be working out with StayFitAnywhere. Three weeks in and they are definitely seeing results and progressing toward their goals. We will be highlighting StayFitAnywhere and their unique approach to fitness and their motto of being able to Stay-Fit-Anywhere over the coming weeks.
We asked trainer Josh Neumann about himself and how StayFitAnywhere is so effective.

VcB: Hey Josh, I’ve read your bio and see that your sports repertoire runs deep. Tell us a little bit about yourself growing up in Vancouver and how physical activity became so prominent in your life.

Josh: I actually spent my childhood years in Edmonton, and of course that means I played hockey.  I moved to the Lower Mainland when I was 12 and it was at this point that the game of lacrosse became the major focus of my athletic career.  Lacrosse and hockey weren’t the only sports I played growing up, I played rugby, volleyball, and soccer on teams and I gave nearly every other sport at least one go, I had to try everything and I still am trying new sports/activities all the time.  My parents were crucial to my success in athletics, you need a strong support network to accomplish your goals and my parents did just that.  Being physically active is a choice and having strong support from my parents and growing up in such an active community here on the West Coast made the choice simple to me, get moving there is lots to do!

VcB: What’s your favourite sport of all?

Josh: Lacrosse is my favourite sport, I have been playing since I was 12 and still play today.

VcB: Your business StayFitAnywhere emphasizes strength, stability, and mobility. Can you explain how these three building blocks are your approach for any goal and how they sort of mesh together?

Josh: At StayFitAnywhere we are training movements not muscles so in order to move your body you need mobility and stability.  You need to ensure that your body is mobile in order to move effectively and efficiently.  Once your body is ready to move you need to make sure that you are stable or secure throughout the movement.  Finally when these two aspects are under control you are ready to combine the two and become strong!  Mobility, Stability, and Strength are essential to the achievement of any fitness goal whether it is to release fat, improve athletic performance or just look good at Kits Beach.

VcB: What is the biggest distinguishing factor between StayFitAnywhere and other personal trainers?

Josh: We believe that fitness can be achieved anywhere and that a gym isn’t absolutely necessary.  This belief is why we created our Online Training Centre which allows clients of ours to have access to our personal trainers and their knowledge around the world!

VcB: Finally, the Canucks… Cup contenders or pretenders?

Josh: Pretenders!  I am an Oilers fan, but I think the Nucks are in a better position than they were last year, Byfuglyien is in the Eastern conference so they have a chance to win a second round playoff series now.

For more info about StayFitAnywhere and their workouts, check out There is A LOT more to it and we definitely recommend checking out their website!

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