How a little magic can help you start a (soulful) side hustle in 2022

Feb 16 2022, 7:08 pm

Written by Monica Krake, founder of Head + Heart, your guide to living aligned. 

This year is the year of transformation. And you didn’t hear it here first! Many have been predicting a massive shift in the way we work and how we prioritize our time, particularly in the wake of COVID. I have no doubt that the world needs our (your!) gifts now more than ever.

Launch and run a successful side hustle without sacrificing your health or values

It starts with the field of neuroscience, led by experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza, whose research shows that we don’t create what we want, we create what we are. While spiritual masters throughout the ages have preached this wisdom, it hasn’t made its way into the business realm, until very recently.

This makes sense, as many conscious entrepreneurs need only look around at the damage caused by over-consumerism (i.e. climate change, pollution…) and our epidemic of stress and compromised nervous systems to know that there must be a better way.  Zoom back in on your own desire to share your gifts this year, and consider the following: what does being in alignment with your wellbeing truly mean to you?

Alignment is the foundation of side hustle success

As Squamish-based Soul Coach Melanie Phillips recently told me, “As business owners, we are all creating, all the time. When we create in alignment with our soul’s purpose, it’s no longer about becoming popular on Instagram or hitting a million in sales this month, it’s about living our life’s work and feeling abundant on all levels (health, finances, time freedom).”

Yet, as Melanie will tell you, when we are aligned with our intuition, wellbeing, we tend to make the right decisions and become magnetic to opportunities and even wealth, much more so than when we’re operating from fear or lack. Doing the inner work to support your own shift into alignment is the foundation for creating an aligned business, where you can trust your intuition, trust your desires AND be wise enough to equip yourself with all of the practical tools and supports required.

Of course, this isn’t how most business owners think. We need a community. We need to arm ourselves with support AND we need the practical business skills.

Know your why

According to branding experts like Simon Sinek, and local business guides like Ariana Fotinakis, “knowing your why” is the driving force of a successful business. Knowing your why extends beyond wanting to make money or having the freedom and flexibility that comes with being your own boss. It’s greater than yourself and is often reflective of the impact you want to make in the lives of others.

Here’s a really great know-your-why exercise from Ariana: “Think about what you want to do or create, and ask yourself ‘Why is this important to me?’ When you have an answer, ask yourself again ‘Why is THIS important to me?’ Keep asking why’ until you get to the root of your vision. Write this down, and revisit it every couple of months to ensure it reflects.”

Explore your unique energetics

Systems such as astrology, human design, and the enneagram are incredibly popular tools to explore the energetic aspects of yourself, how you work best, and what your strengths are. You can do this yourself using your birth date, time, and location to find your natal chart in astrology, your human design chart, and your enneagram profile.

Another option is to receive 1:1 energetic support, such as booking a Hypnotherapy session, trying BodyIntuitive coaching, an Akashic Records Reading or even exploring Spirit Guide work. I’m a bit of a spiritual junkie and have done all of the above to help me receive guidance and tap into my own intuition! As a solopreneur, I don’t have a team around me, so these sessions have been incredibly supportive. They’ve helped me to learn to trust and validate my own instincts and intuition, which is central to running a soulful business. As an entrepreneur sometimes you need to take risks and simply can’t listen to worried voices of friends and family. You need to get cosy with your own level of intuition.

Adapt a quantum mindset

Before you do all the things (branding, incorporating, marketing), spend some time in meditation connecting to your ideal future vision for yourself and your business. Don’t get bogged down with the details or the how. Simply imagine what you want to create, the impact you desire to have, and how you want to feel as you run this new business. Then, begin journaling the traits and qualities you embody that allow you to live out this dream. Do you have to tap into unshakable levels of confidence? Cultivate the safety to let yourself be seen? Stop scrolling on Instagram until midnight?

I love this wisdom from Ariana Fotinakis on how to adapt a quantum mindset: “Ask yourself ‘Who do I need to be to get where I want to go?’ and ‘Which traits do I already possess that I need to turn the volume way up on?’ And then do what you need to do to let those parts of yourself shine as often as possible.”

And finally, one of the fastest ways to support yourself and your side hustle is with a strong community of like-minded people who want you to succeed. Fact: we don’t know what we don’t know, so tapping into outside expertise will give you a major leg up in bringing your goals into the material realm.

Three ways to support your side hustle

The 5D Business Collective: an online community for conscious souls stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. With monthly online gatherings and workshops, a library of business-building resources, and a private community to connect with and learn from other members, this community provides a supportive container whether you’re a new side hustle or established business. In this community, you’ll receive opportunities for support to navigate your specific challenges, as well as really practical workshops on things like xxx and magical tools like how to align your business with your astrological chart.

The Ceremony is a spirit-led approach to website creation. This program is for those who want to get clear on their vision and purpose and bring it to life with a beautifully branded website. Led by Monica Krake and Nicole Carrington, their offer includes 1:1 guided breathwork sessions with coaching, a session with a gifted psychic Intuitive and the creation and launch of a website. It’s spiritual website creation plus soulful business support.

The North Node: a privately paid membership community by Holisticism, this community blends intuition-building with entrepreneurship and taking action. The North Node marries strategy, mindset, and mysticism to help you go from a head-scratcher with a dream to an embodied, confident visionary changing your world. I haven’t personally tried this community but have heard many great things about it.

Whatever your spiritual entrepreneurship dreams are, arming yourself with support and community will give you a big boost towards your goals. And, as I’ve found in my own journey, cultivating intuition is key. This intuition test is a great place to start. If you’re looking for more advice, reach out anytime.

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