Starbucks Canada adding Flat White to their drink menu

Dec 19 2017, 9:26 pm

Cherished by espresso beverage drinkers globally, a drink known as the Flat White is about to hit the mainstream, thanks to its addition to the Starbucks menu in Canada and the U.S.

The Flat White comes from Australia by way of New Zealand, so the legend goes. It’s prepared with a shorter espresso shot (ristretto) and the milk layer is thinner and composed of microfoam. The ratio of coffee to milk is greater than its more familiar counterparts, like a latte or cappuccino, and the texture of the milk different.

Starbucks has been selling the Flat White in their UK shops, and now the drink will go on the core beverage menu in both Canada and the United States starting Tuesday, January 6, 2015. The Starbucks Flat White will be served with “simple latte art with a floating white dot,” says Starbucks Canada in an e-mail to Vancity Buzz, adding: “Flat White is a beautiful new beverage that pays homage to our espresso heritage.”

While many coffee lovers may not be hip to the Flat White, it’s not completely foreign to Vancouver. Several local coffee shops already have the Flat White on their menu (District Local has this roundup). Aussie expats were loving the Flat Whites at Oz Coffee in Kits, but sadly they closed up shop. Dose Espresso Bar’s Flat White has some enthusiastic fans, too.

For those coffee drinkers who tend to duck into an ubiquitous Starbucks for their fix, though, the Flat White can more easily become part of the Canadian coffee routine now.

Featured image: Flat White courtesy Starbucks


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