Bryan Adams speaks out against cull as vigil planned for Stanley Park coyotes

Sep 6 2021, 2:11 am

A Canadian musician is using his platform to send a message to British Columbia: ban the cull of coyotes in Vancouver’s Stanley Park.

Bryan Adams took to Twitter on Sunday to say, “Culling of coyotes in Stanley Park? Consider the knock on effect by removing a species from its natural habitat. Look what happened when they wiped out the wolves in Yellowstone. They had to rewild them back to balance the ecosystem,” and included #banthecull.

The province announced on Friday it would be trapping and killing up to 35 coyotes in  Stanley Park, the city’s largest urban park — and one of the most popular tourist attractions — in the coming weeks after around 45 attacks were reported in the past nine months.

The ministry of forests said previously in a statement the actions taken so far, including nightly closures of the park and fencing, were not enough to end the coyote attacks.

Relocation and non-lethal removal were considered, but because it said the animals were food conditioned, it wasn’t an option, and suggested all of the coyotes were conditioned.


Animal advocates have since been voicing their concerns online about trapping, calling it inhumane.

A petition, called Save Vancouver’s Coyotes, has more than 12,500 signatures (as of Sunday afternoon).

Sarah Blyth shared online a vigil for the coyotes in Stanley Park has been planned for Wednesday, September 15th from 10am to 2pm.

The vigil’s location is set for 2099 Beach Avenue, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation building.

“COVID safe event,” Blyth wrote, “mask up and pay tribute to the lost coyotes. Come see leg traps, bring a sign, and let out your frustration.”

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